Vietnam Postcards: A Photo Diary by LANKS

Vietnam Postcards: A Photo Diary by LANKS

The producer/songwriter is gearing up for an Oz tour with new single, Comfortable.

Currently soaring along the wave of goodness that is latest single Comfortable, multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer LANKS is gearing up for an Australian tour to celebrate. The tour kicks off in Sydney Saturday week, before heading to Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, but before he jets off he's sent us a rad little photo diary of a tour he recently took of a different kind. He was kind enough to send them through to us, so we could share them for your perusal. If for some crazy reason you haven't been fortunate enough to listen to Comfortable yet, we implore you to do so below, check out some of his snaps/thoughts from Vietnam, and catch him live at one of those upcoming tour dates listed down the bottom.

lanks vietnam photo diary 01

I am 1000% too tall for this country. But I still love you Vietnam.

lanks vietnam photo diary 02

The rice paddies make such beautifully constructed geometry across the Vietnamese mountains near Sapa. Would love to come back in Autumn some time and do some drone photography.

lanks vietnam photo diary 03

The mountains of Sapa at sunrise are shrouded in orange and blue cloud. It feels like you’re in a city of clouds.

lanks vietnam photo diary 04

There’s wi-fi everywhere in Vietnam, and weirdly, the remote-ish islands are no exception. I had my first listen to the master of Comfortable on these terrible headphones while I was there. It was glorious.

lanks vietnam photo diary 05

Asia is basically the neon capital of the world and I love that about it.

lanks vietnam photo diary 06

Noodle soups. The staple of Vietnamese cuisine. You have all the tools at your disposal to balance the dish yourself. Trade secret: the lower the stools are the better the soup is.

lanks vietnam photo diary 07

Food. Pretty much my favourite thing in the world, and the most exciting part of travelling for me. Learning about and understanding a country's cuisine is the key to its heart.


Sat 19 Aug - Leadbelly, Sydney

Fri 25 Aug - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Sat 26 Aug - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Sat 2 Sep - Jack Rabbit Slim's, Perth


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