Premiere: Watch Arthur Wimble's grainy vid for latest single, Miss You

Premiere: Watch Arthur Wimble's grainy vid for latest single, Miss You

The subtle, synth-laden new single gets paired with a washed-out video influenced by that authentic horror movie feel.

Around this time last month, Brisbane-based musician Arthur Wimble returned with a woozy, multi-layered new single Miss You – a track "about 4 AM heartache" that united this synth-y backbone with light, washed-out vocals and playful melodies that come and go across the single's four-minute duration. Today it's joined by an official video, with Wimble taking this light, washed-out feel of the single and amplifying it through a grainy, black-and-white video accompaniment.

The video's director Liam Lowth says it's influenced by the creeping terror of classic horror movies, and to better understand the clip, Lowth has actually detailed the video's creation and inspiration in a statement that you can find below. Watch the hauntingly beautiful clip below too.

We wanted something like a horror movie. Not in the sense of big scares or a creature from wherever-the-fuck rearing its ugly head at the audience; we wanted creeping terror. It’s because we hadn’t seen it before in the context we needed – we wanted the creeping terror where it mattered most. Let me explain. You ever see these representations of breakups on screen? Where the schleppy, Seth Rogen-style protag bums around after a breakup, and through a change of character moves past his flaws and gets the girl back. Dumb with a capital D. The reality of breakups is that they’re closer to falling down a well, and breaking your leg than they are to something Judd Apatow shat out at his laptop.

The terror is being alone, and we felt that there was no better framing for this, no better realisation of the fact that you are wholly, and totally alone, as when you’re watching TV advertising. This might be an obscure practice for people these days. Think of it as the proto-Facebook video scroll. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching as long as there’s something there flashing bright and loud to take your mind off the life you’re supposedly living. The best TV ads are in the rude hours, the ones that refuse to be either morning or night. These aren’t your Billy May’s or your Shamwows. This is the real low budget stuff where they roll footage of someone accidentally burning down their kitchen, but for the low price of 84.99 (three instalments), you can make sure it never happens again.

I always found, watching those ads in the rude hours, that I identified with the person burning the house down. Miss You is a video about that same person, terrified at the fact that he’ll never have the money, time, or the chutzpah to change the course of his life. That’s where the real horror is. Seth Rogen won't save any of us.

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