Meet Ashe and her summery debut EP The Rabbit Hole

Meet Ashe and her summery debut EP The Rabbit Hole

While you might've come across her collaborations, it's on a solo level when the Californian musician truly shines.

Being from Australia, it's easy to miss trends - particularly as they strive over in the US music world. Californian musician Ashe is one of these many names, and while you might've come across her collaborations before (her top-line has been featured on singles by Whethan, Louis The Child, Louis Futon and even our own SŸDE), it's on her own accord where she truly shines. Following on from a string of singles back in 2017, her debut EP The Rabbit Hole is a versatile and compelling seven-track affair, uniting her soaring, often-summer-stroked vocals with driving productions that give the EP a little bit of a backbone. "The people who truly fall in love with The Rabbit Hole will find a home with me; we’ll understand each other," she says on the single. "This being my first body of work, it was really the first time I was able to put so many different sounds, ideas and facets of myself into one project. It’s ultimately one psychedelic collective sound that represents me, dipped in weirdness and soaked in love."

The whole EP is a blast, and in celebration of its release, we got to know Ashe a little better before she continues to rise and eventually, branch into the Australian sphere soon. Check out the EP below, and while you do so, meet the woman behind the magic.

Hey Ashe! A big ol’ belated congratulations on the release of your debut EP. The first time we met you was a solid two years ago now – what has been happening since?

Thank you so much! It’s been a minute for sure! Tons has happened, I’ve been on 4 tours about to go on my 5th, released my first two singles and yeah, just put out my first EP, The Rabbit Hole, it’s been a whirlwind!

For those from Australia who might not be fully acquainted with you just yet, can you tell us about yourself and what people should expect from your music?

All I can really say is I’m a big weirdo. I love what I do and the music I create is definitely a trip down the rabbit hole, psychedelic, acoustic, and full of storytelling; it’s my own little universe.

The Rabbit Hole is your debut EP – can you tell us about how the EP came together and how long it’s been in the works for?

The EP has been in the works for about a year. I worked on it with some of my closest friends in the music industry and honestly, we just wanted to create music we loved and were into. There wasn’t a strategy or plan, just tons and tons of passion and heart.

You mention that the EP allowed you to explore different “sounds, ideas and facets of myself.” Do you feel that restricting yourself to singles limits how much you can express yourself? How so? Was this one of the reasons why you decided to tackle a full EP?

Putting out only singles can be a little restricting, but it’s also fun to give people only a “taste” of what’s to come when you put out a single. I could have put out The Rabbit Hole single by single, but they belonged together, like a family.

You started off making waves as a top-line writer – which is how we met you too. What’s different in your approach to writing top-lines for acts as opposed to writing your own, fully-fleshed out tracks?

The process can actually be pretty similar, but I find that simply toplining can be very isolating, I much more prefer to be in a collaborative environment, making a song from scratch with people I love.

Is touring something on the cards for you in 2018? How do you plan on translating The Rabbit Hole into a live setting?

Touring is totally in the cards. I’m hopping on a short tour July 15th and then looking at the end of this year for some more touring. Still working on translating The Rabbit Hole into a live experience, but I don’t want to give too much away. ☺

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

You’ll see ;)

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