Track By Track: Wave Racer - Flash Drive EP

Track By Track: Wave Racer - Flash Drive EP

With his tour just kicking off, time for a bit of insight into the EP it's celebrating.

Wave Racer's Australian Flash Drive EP Tour kicked off with a massive show in Sydney last weekend, and with the rest of the nation's turn coming up, the producer has given us some incredible insight into the four-tracker. Take a listen below, and head to the tour's Facebook event HERE.

Introooo feat. Cosmo’s Midnight

It took a very long time for this track to become what it is. I was in the studio with Cosmo’s Midnight and we had this amazing idea for a song, and it was so much fun to make. I remember we were just having the best time and it was a super natural process. Our aim was to make a song that welcomed the listener, and then smacked them over the head with a sudden blast of energy. I ended up changing it a lot and it went through four or five different versions. In the end we decided it was better as a short piece rather than trying to turn it into a full 3-4 minute song, so that’s how it became the opening track on my EP.

World Record feat. Lido

It was such a pleasure working with Lido on this song. He is extremely talented as a producer, songwriter and instrumentalist, so it was really easy to get cool ideas down together. We had some studio time together last year, which is where the idea for this song was born. Basically, I did a lot of the programming and computer stuff and Lido laid down a lot of the chords and melodic ideas. Then about six months later I went back and changed a bunch, and turned the whole thing into a proper song. It’s a really fun one to play at shows.

Flash Drive feat. BABY

One of my goals going into this EP was to create a song that had a strong vocal hook. This song is where that goal came to life. The vocals were recorded in Hollywood when I was over in the US doing shows. Again, it was a situation where we only had a few days to lay down some ideas in the studio. The lyrics and melody were actually written over an entirely different track to the one it ended up becoming. Long after the sessions, I went back, picked it all apart and came up with the song. I ended up only using a tiny snippet of what we actually recorded, but it fit into the song really well. The slap bass solo was kind of an experiment with song structure and a fun way to make the song more interesting. It’s also a throwback to my obsession with bands like RHCP, and disco/funk/soul music in general.

Bubble Wrap

I’m really glad this one ended up making it onto the EP. I think it might be my favourite one on there. I wanted to make something in a tempo I’d never explored before, to see if I was capable of making a song with a different type of groove. There’s loads of percussion in this track, which gives it an awesome texture and depth. I had a lot of fun writing it and it actually came together pretty quickly. I wanted to finish the EP with something light-hearted and fun, so this song just made sense as the final track.

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