Premiere: Tina Says unveils an acidic new stomper, Limbo feat. Jeremy Beamish

Premiere: Tina Says unveils an acidic new stomper, Limbo feat. Jeremy Beamish

The single - the Perth musician's first for the year so far - comes after a thriving few months for her online 'Body Control' event series.

It's hard to find a musician - particularly one in Perth - who covers all the bases like Tina Says. For the past decade, she's proved an essential to the Australian club circuit, whether it be initially as a DJ in Perth - often found alongside some of electronic's then-biggest names on lineup posters - or now as a producer and musician in the spotlight; her work capturing the enchanting spirit of the late-night dancefloor, and has proved a hit in her multiple tours around the country showcasing this.

Even in the last few months, when Australia's dance music culture has been cut down to a slim picking due to venue closures in the COVID-19 pandemic, Tina Says has managed to adapt and survive. Her 'Body Control' series - shows often filmed in backyards and venues around Perth, streamed live online - has proved an internet hit, with the latest one - in support of a now-cancelled national tour, due to obvious reasons - seeing her team up with clubs around the country to share her extensive knowledge of the international house, techno and club scenes, and the often looked-over gems that shine underneath.

Now, with the club culture Tina thrives upon making a semi-normal comeback, she's dropping a track that couldn't come with better timing - and that's just the start of it. Featuring Queensland-based musician Jeremy Beamish, Limbo is a monumental moment for Tina Says that includes a lot of firsts for the musician, as she continues to experiment and elevate herself to the highest level time and time again, showcasing a sense of musical growth and maturity that's come to blossom throughout the last four years of her releasing music under the moniker.

For starters, there's the fact that Limbo features Beamish, marking her entry into this more vocal-led, collaborative production process that often comes with a lot of learnings and growth for dance music producers having to adapt their sound to working vocalists. Tina, however, absolutely nails it. Limbo doesn't water itself down for Beamish, but there's not exactly a battle for attention happening either. Instead, they work side by side; the Queensland musician navigating the highs and lows of Tina's production, with Tina using her skillset to elevate the melodies within the vocals, rather than drown them out with thumping bass kicks.

In saying that - and as mentioned - Limbo doesn't hit any softer just because there's a guest collaborator. It's squarely focused on the clubs, moving between this distinct house sounds and flashes of both techno and acid-house as warping synth dance around the single's pacing, driving rhythms that keep everything in check.  "Jeremy sent his vocals which were originally intended for another track, however I didn’t think it gave his vocals justice so I wrote Limbo," Tina says on the single, which marks her first for the year thus far. "I experimented with external instruments which is how I got the bass line. The song reflects a level of moodiness, but still danceable."

You can dive into it below, as it premieres on Pilerats with its official release today:

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