Premiere: Gazey run from a super-fan in the clip for Sleep

Premiere: Gazey run from a super-fan in the clip for Sleep

They'll be launching the video at Jack Rabbit Slim's on Friday, August 16th, with special guests in tow.

After years of tracing their steps as they blossom into one of Perth's most exciting live acts, last month we finally got the proper chance to introduce Gazey into the world - a dizzying synth-pop crew who bring thickly-layered 80s synth melodies into the future with a distinct, Gazey twist. We were introduced to them through their latest single River, a combination of old-school New Order meets M83 that as vocalist Josiah Padmanabham explains, carries a bit of a deeper lyrical touch that you can expect across their forthcoming debut album Sole, which will be released later this year through Group Therapy Records. "Amidst our clumsy and awkward attempts in love, we should want our others to move beyond the patterns we ascribe to each other," he explained.

Now, with a headline show at Jack Rabbit Slim's this Friday, August 16th, we're stoked to welcome another display of Gazey's deeply-layered sound. It's the video for their official debut single Sleep, which really helped to propel them onto a rising national scale while maintaining their strength as an act-on-the-rise in West Australia too. Directed by Brendan Docherty with cinematography by Alex Lorian, the clip seemingly sees a super-fan chase the band's Ezekiel through the endless halls of the Perth Concert Hall, while the single's quick-flying synth rythms swirl and pulse underneath. However, as the band's guitarist Ryan Thomas explains, it goes a little bit deeper than that, saying that the clip is "mostly about generalized anxiety, social standards, and the pressures we put on ourselves and others on a daily basis."

"Our friend Laurent plays the role of Gazey’s 'super-fan' in the clip, chasing Ezekiel in circles around the ins-and-outs of the infamous Perth Concert Hall. Laurent’s character has perhaps developed an overly idealistic perception of Ezekiel; the super-fan wants to display his appreciation but the feeling is not reciprocated. To us, you could view Ezekiel and the super-fan as one in the same. The latter representing a sort of destructive ego. Although, the exact concept came about from the fact that Ezekiel isn’t a “hugger”, so to take it literally wouldn’t really be wrong – we’ve tried to keep it open. I think ultimately – we wanted something that on the surface appeared fun and light-hearted but still had some deep undertones hiding in the shadows (much like our upcoming album)," he explains.

Dive into the clip below, and find more information on the video's launch this Friday HERE.

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