Premiere: Tia Gostelow unites with Hope D and Sahara Beck for new song, Valley Nights

Premiere: Tia Gostelow unites with Hope D and Sahara Beck for new song, Valley Nights

Once a song left on the cutting room floor of her last record, Valley Nights now emerges as an anthem for Brisbane's pop music future.

We don't need to go into details about how Brisbane can at times carry the entire Australian music industry on its back, because at this point, it's something pretty well-known. Over the last few years, the city has churned out some of Australian music's biggest success stories and most exciting new names; a central hub for the past, present and future of Australian culture and how it's showcased on an international scale, with several of those Brisbane-based musicians going on to become international exports with overseas touring.

It's something that Tia Gostelow understands well, with the musician being a central character within Brisbane's pop music space and someone constantly collaborating alongside fellow local heavyweights through her art. Likewise, it's something that Hope D and Sahara Beck understand too; the two forces being acts amongst the city's future (although they're both forces to be reckoned with already) that are sure to continue dominating the years to come, much like Tia Gostelow has over the last few years, and continues to.

That's why we're so incredibly excited to welcome into the world Valley Nights, a new collaboration that brings the heights of Brisbane indie and pop to the forefront in the form of a super-collaboration between some of the city's most charming and enchanting musicians. Valley Nights was originally a song created alongside producer Alex Henrikisson, left on the cutting room floor in the lead-up to the release of Tia's last record CHRYSALIS - the song, for one reason or another, just not reaching the heights needed to make it onto the final tracklisting.

Now, it's been revived, with Tia enlisting Hope D and Sahara Beck to give it the additional edge it needed; the final result being an ode to valley that signifies the talents of each of the three musicians, and the prowess they hold through their music. "It was written quite a while ago when Alex and I were experimenting with different sounds and vibes. It’s cool to come back to the song a few years later and workshop it with Alex, Sahara and Hope to create, something fresh and fun.  I feel like it has elements of all of us in the track," says Tia Gostelow on the single.

"Working on Tia's song Valley Nights was genuinely one of the most fun experiences I have had from recording and collaborating. Sahara and Tia and I had so much fun laying down harmonies together, it was one of those 'don't look at me or I'll laugh' situations. We laughed, which is what you can hear at the beginning of the track, which I find so wholesome and beautiful," says Hope D, with a wholesomeness echoed by Sahara Beck: "Recording at Rainbow Valley with Tia, Hope and Alex was a memory I'll hold onto forever. Looking forward to soaking up those Valley Nights again after the pandemic."

It's a wonderful single that feels like a reminder of better days, and in a time like this, we're indebted to Tia, Hope D and Sahara for creating such magic, and reminding us of the cultural and musical spirit that lays amongst the Brisbane River.

The song is properly out this Friday (September 3rd), but you can take a dive into it below, as it premieres on Pilerats a few days early. What a time:

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