Premiere: Perth's Sydnee Carter unveils an acoustic take of her latest single, Bruises

Premiere: Perth's Sydnee Carter unveils an acoustic take of her latest single, Bruises

Initially released at the start of June, the single marked Sydnee's first via her new label home, Risqué.

Often, people see Sydnee Carter shine in an electronic music setting. Since her emergence in 2015, the Perth-based musician has become a go-to collaborator within the dance music world, with high-profile collaborations alongside SLUMBERJACK, Paces, Duke & Jones and WasteLand littering her discography. Then, when it comes to her own music, it's not too rare to find Sydnee Carter's often-intimate pop vocal spread across electronic-adjacent productions, or at least productions that have a slight injection of synth-led electronica within them.

It's perhaps why her new label Risqué makes so much sense; the forward-thinking electronic label signing Sydnee Carter for the release of her latest single Bruises, which initially arrived at the start of last month. Bruises feels like a testament to Sydnee Carter's prowess, emphasising her potent vocals amongst a scattered, genre-free production that amplifies the detail within her lyricism and the charms in which she showcases that, bringing Sydnee's work to new heights as she eyes an exciting next chapter of her sound.

"It’s about metaphorical bruises from your past and the healing process of recovering from that," she says on the single. "We’ve all had experiences with people we’re scarred from, and you feel like you have to be cautious not to do it again. You try to let them heal, but eventually, you meet someone you want to show your bruises to, and that starts the actual healing process."

Today, we're stoked to premiere an acoustic version of Bruises which strips away the electronic tidings of the original and in turn, spotlights the intimacy and personality within Sydnee Carter's vocal even more so than the original does. It's a version of the track where Sydnee's pop backing really shines on its own; the stripped-back, acoustic guitar backing letting her vocals lead the way without the distractions of production, encouraging you to focus in on her vocals and the lyricism embedded within her floating voice.

"Bruises had such a strong message and a special meaning that I felt would make more of an impact in a stripped back version, the way we initially wrote it, just one instrument," she says on the single's acoustic version, which comes in the form of a video by Tom Watson and Soren Pidgeon, filmed on-site at clothing label Banx HQ. "It really allows the listener to hear it from a more raw perspective."

It's a version of the track that details a richer side of Sydnee Carter that has always been present within her work, but now, takes the centre stage. We have no doubts there's more to come too, so take a dive into the video below, and remember to re-visit the original version here while you're at it.