Introducing Milan Ring, whose latest single Drifting is sure to impress

Introducing Milan Ring, whose latest single Drifting is sure to impress

The Sydney master-of-all-trades, who has worked with the likes of DRAM, will launch the single on October 26.

When Astral People sign someone to their roster, you take notice. Over the past few years, the largely Sydney-based crew have helped launch the careers of everyone from Winston Surfshirt (who was their most recent signing until now) and Wave Racer to Cosmo's Midnight and Dro Carey, and with their latest singing Milan Ring - their first in two years - it looks like they've struck gold once again. The Sydney-based master-of-all-trades (seriously, she's a singer/rapper/guitarist/producer AND a mixing and mastering engineer on top of that) is one on the rise, working with names like DRAM and Chance The Rapper collaborators The Social Experiment in the past. Drifting, her latest single in a run of beauties across 2018 thus far, just showcases why she's been dubbed such an artist to watch, utilising her strengths in... everything... to create a unique and varied sound which at the end of the day, sounds like something that could only come from her. It's part soul, part R&B, part electronic and part indie, with her dreamy, soulful vocal washing over a subdued, synth-intertwined instrumental that oozes with a driving bass line and beachy guitar, forming this low-key, dreamy sound that sits outside of those traditional genre boxes - it's a real moment of beauty.

She's launching the single with a show at Sydney's Waywards this Friday, October 26 - more deets HERE - but before that goes down, meet Milan Ring and her beautiful sound a touch better below:

Tell us about yourself?

I am a singer, guitarist, producer & engineer from Sydney.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Indie, Alternative R&B

Production/writing process:

This totally depends on the song and the moment, I could start on any instrument. Last song I started on the bass, added keys and guitar, produced up the drums then added vocals. Song before, I had the vocal melody first then created the chords around the melody on the guitar and went on to work on the other elements. Basically, I just make sound and see what sparks some inspiration and follow down that path until I hit a crossroads or a speed bump or something ha.

Can you tell us about your new single, Drifting?

Drifting, lyrically, is about mental health, and how we treat one another. That love and compassion is the most important thing, no matter how frustrating or upsetting other peoples actions may be. It was written with Marcello Maio, a keys player/composer I often work with.

Any shows coming up?

Yes I have my single launch October 26th at Waywards Newtown. Then am supporting Hermitude in Sydney & Melbourne in November and have a few festivals coming up like Lost Paradise.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Finishing up the next single at the moment so will hopefully have that out before the end of the year, and just lots more shows + a lot of time locked in the studio losing my tan whilst everyone enjoys the summer.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Stream Drifting HERE. You can explore the rest from there :)

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