Meet Kanada The Loop, the internet byproduct creating genre-blurring brilliance

Meet Kanada The Loop, the internet byproduct creating genre-blurring brilliance

With two singles under their belt thus far, it's become apparent that Kanada The Loop is a newcoming force to be reckoned with.

Header image by Luke Franceschini.

Kanada The Loop is a difficult artist to pin down. He's a musical chameleon capable of switching between sounds and textures at the drop of a hat, veering between inspiration within pop, indie, electronica and hip-hop at a gliding pace that makes his music nearly indescribable - in the best of ways. Then, there's the greater vision that comes to life alongside his music; the nods to internet culture and social media chaos smashed amongst his production brilliance, further emphasising the eccentricness and uniqueness that has makes Kanada such an interesting new face.

It's a project that feels firmly feet-planted in 2021; a project that couldn't exist even a year ago. It is unlike anything else in Australia at the moment, regardless of whether you're tunnel-visioned into his sparkly, quick-firing productions or looking at the project with a broader lens, taking in everything that revolves around his music. It's impossible to predict his next move, and while that may make some people anxious, it's something that fills the air with excitement - and we can't get enough.

His debut single ZOOM IN - released back in August - showcases exactly what we mean. It's a tapestry of sounds all smashed together within less than three minutes, blurring the lines as he pushes the outer edges of musicianship to their absolute limits - moulding together genres and textures as he goes like some sort of abstract cultural welder. Then, there's his newly emerging second single Y U NO LIKE ME, which makes it two-for-two while further reinforcing the introduction he made through ZOOM IN, making things even more difficult to explain - somewhat frustratingly.

Y U NO LIKE ME further captures Kanada The Loop's versatility, building upon this production backdrop that feels like the midway point between hip-hop percussion and sparkling synth with his hookier, pop-like vocal - the genre-blurring, hard-to-pin-down brilliance only becoming more unclear as Y U NO LIKE ME adds new musicality into the equation. One thing that does become more clear, however, is the bubbly charm and personality that shines through its sound - the rich tapestry of Kanada's own self well established within the song's bright sound and the animated visuals that surround it.

We're sure there's plenty more to come from Kanada The Loop in the near future, as the project's puzzle pieces begin to fit into place and everything becomes a little clearer. In the meantime, however, take a dive into his new single Y U NO LIKE ME below, and better introduce yourself to Kanada and his wild world underneath:

Tell us about yourself and how you started with music?

I started with music by just being around other people that loved music and was just really interested about how people made certain sounds. So then I started trying to do it and it became such a fun game of trying to make something cool.

Your music is a really adventurous and forward-thinking mix of sounds, which is quite hard to describe. How would you describe it? And what kind of themes does it usually cover?

I honestly wouldn't bother trying to describe it, I'm happy and for everyone else to tho! Theme-wise tho, I try to keep it pretty real, I like talking about things that are messed up in the world but also I like the typical stuff of, love, friends and relationships.

Kanada The Loop really feels like the product of internet culture; the mish-mash of cultures and personalities all condensed into one name. Can you tell us about your non-musical influences, and how they inform your work?

I like weird things and weird people. not heaps sure why, I think because it makes me feel less isolated. Niche communities and groups and cultures are beautiful things and a lot of them thrive and even begin on the internet so.

What are your production and writing processes usually like? 

I basically try to start anywhere and wait for something to grab me and then follow it somewhere interesting. OR I try to copy a song and inevitably fail and come out the other side with something completely different.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest single, Y U NO LIKE ME, and how it came about?

Y U NO LIKE ME came about by me just trying weird stuff and really spending time on things that might start off weird and kinda silly but shaping them into things that fit together. I think when you do that, it's so fun and rewarding once you realise something cool came out of it.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

I'm going to be writing lots of music and engaging with everyone that's been supporting me so far! I'm really loving the group of people that are surrounding the project so I'm excited to keep going.

What do you want people to take away from your work?

I think fun, awareness and a sense of community.

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