Premiere: Perth supergroup Supathick drop the clip for their debut single, I’m There

Premiere: Perth supergroup Supathick drop the clip for their debut single, I’m There

The group is made up of some of Perth's best rising bands, including Demon Days, Almond Soy, Wooly Mammoth and more.

One thing that feels incredibly unique to the Perth music scene is its cooperative sense of endless collaboration; a natural antidote to the isolation of Perth to the rest of the musical world that sees some of our favourite musicians find themselves in multiple bands spread out across multiple genres. It's hard to find a Perth-based band whose musicians are all exclusive to that one outfit: Stella Donnelly's live band shares members with San Cisco; Sly Withers with Pot Plant House Party who then share with FLOSSY; the overlaps of Tame Impala, POND, GUM and seemingly hundreds of other bands perhaps the city's most well-known.

It shouldn't be a surprise then, to see the formation of a group like Supathick born out of the depths of Perth's electronic up-and-coming - but it's still a remarkably special thing to see. Made up of members spanning Demon Days, Almond Soy, Wooly Mammoth and Grace Armstrong, the five-strong outfit is a new force to Perth electronica that pluck the highlights of each of these acts - their slickness, their craft, their sound - and emphasises it amongst disco grooves and gentle funk, creating an entirely new name that'll have your feet tapping and head bopping along.

Their debut offering is I'm There, a slick introduction to the group and their nostalgic disco sound that, to even more heavily emphasise the collaborational aspect of the group, features DULCIE's Saskia Brittain on vocals. Part Tom Misch and part Donna Summers-meets-Nile Rogers, I'm There is a gleaming slice of intricate disco that unites this lo-fi, jazz-infused world (hence the Tom Misch comparative earlier) with the grooves and soul you'd find in disco's earlier defining cuts; packed full of flavour and energy that we can't wait to see more of in the year ahead.

"Supathick has been a long time coming since the idea was first conceived, and listening to the tracks instantly takes me back to recording guitars at Jack Seah’s house two summers ago. This band is made up entirely of my best mates, and being close with the girls from Dulcie led to Saskia jumping in on this track - which honestly took it to the next level," says the band's Christian Zappia on the single. "When I first heard Tom Misch, I knew it was the perfect jumping off point, coupled with getting right back into Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as Chic and Nile Rodgers. Dance music just made sense, and Disco was even better."

Today, however, we're premiering the single's official video clip, which puts the group in their finest tennis gear and throws them on two infamous Perth courts: The North Perth Bowls Club and its adjoining North Perth Tennis Club. Directed by Daniel Hildebrand, a watch that really amplifies the light-hearted, dancefloor-ready tone of the single and is the perfect accompaniment to the track which you should dive into below:

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