Premiere: Jamilla makes it two for two with Tired Of The Sunrise

Premiere: Jamilla makes it two for two with Tired Of The Sunrise

After sharing a remarkable single just two weeks back, one of Perth's finest doubles down with another masterclass of her craft.

At this point, Jamilla is hardly an artist requiring an introduction - at least in her hometown anyway. As we mentioned when we premiered her latest single two weeks back, the last twelve month have seen Jamilla deliver masterclass after masterclass on impactful, essential R&B and the many pockets of brilliance this sound may explore. On She, Jamilla broke down the complexities of sexuality and gender amongst subtle sways and soft grooves, while on Bloom beforehand, she broke down the intersection of identity and race; Jamilla herself being a queer woman of colour in an industry full of anything but.

Even the last two weeks alone have been full of big wins for the rising star. Do You Feel Ashamed When You Hear My Name? - the track we recently premiered - is a stripped back moment of her increasing brilliance now also awarded with accolades, taking out a WAMAward for the Best Music Video with Bloom after being the award ceremony's second most-nominated artist for the year, trailing only behind the internationally-trotting Carla Geneve.

Today, however, is a day that sees Jamilla make it two from two. Tired Of The Sunrise, the second side to Do You Feel Ashamed When You Hear My Name? two weeks back, contrasting the single's subtleties with a far bolder sound that almost feels like muted Afro-dancehall, a percussive click keeping things in check as vocal harmonies and layering synth melodies unite underneath Jamilla's once-again brilliant vocal, which sounds just as incredible this time around than it did last.

However, as we've come to expect from Jamilla across the past year, the single's funk groove and uplifting choruses masquerade something bigger. This time, it's a timely take on drinking culture that arrives at the point where it starts to become its worst, exposing - in a way - the darker side that comes with an alcohol-driven culture and the lowlights it can bring. "I wrote this song about a time in my life when I was parting too much... about being the oldest I’d ever been, but feeling the most young and naive," she explains. "I was tired. Physically and emotionally. Bored of the same parties, the same people, the same conversations. Wondering if everyone else was satisfied with this and why I was expecting more."

Dive into the track below, then catch her rounding up her Bold tour across the next few weeks, with dates in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and the WA south to come.

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