Introducing SKYUKA, a rising Perth star who emerges with When Your Light is Low

Introducing SKYUKA, a rising Perth star who emerges with When Your Light is Low

On her second single, the emerging Perth musicians stuns with a clanging electro-pop track worth paying attention to.

Over the years, we've had the privilege of introducing the world to a lot of rising Perth musicians from many walks of life, each presenting something drastically new to one another as they deepen what's already quite a rich music scene. At the moment, it seems like Perth as a musical hub is flourishing across-the-board, with every genre and sound elevated to the next level and welcoming a much of new stars quickly becoming east-coast break-outs (and occasionally, like in the case of Stella Donnelly and Carla Geneve, international break outs too).

Not immune to this rise is our pop music world, with a bunch of new stars seemingly welcomed every day - and no different is today. Here, we're welcoming a new face in the form of SKYUKA, who since sharing her debut single Autumn State last year, has become something really special amongst the next generation. It's not too hard to work out why either, with her debut combining a haunting piano section with muffled harmonies that form a choir-like grace, presenting us with a sound that feels quite unlike anything else you can find on the west coast.

Her new single When Your Light Is Low is a massive change of pace, but it's just as great. It's a fierce and focused pop tune lush with electronic grooves and this larger-than-life assertiveness, channelling names amongst Australian pop's most exciting as she dives into the dark, moodiness of pop music - something we often don't see. It's hip-hop-y and experimental, yet also crisp and slick - a moment of glory that stands out.

There's a lot more to come as SKYUKA begins to find her feet within the Perth pop scene, but for now, dive into When Your Light Is Low and better introduce yourself to the rising star while you're at it:

Tell us about yourself? 

I’m a solo electronic artist from Perth and probably the smallest adult you know. I produce my own beats (but also love working with other producers) and perform my live show around Perth using my laptop, m-audio midi controller and my vocal effects pedal. 

What’s the vibe music-wise?

I love making something beautiful out of a shitty situation... so I guess as a result a lot of my songs have dark/melancholic subject matter, but they are set against a musical backdrop of electronic pop, trap, dirty synth sounds and fat hip-hop grooves, so they don’t necessarily sound melancholic. My live show is pretty high energy and I like to incorporate my dance moves COS THAT’S ALWAYS A VIBE! 

What are your production and writing processes like? 

Writing songs has always been a really cathartic process for me. Getting my racing thoughts out of my head and down on paper is sometimes my saviour. A lot of the time, I have melodies come to me whilst I’m doing the most mundane things like hanging out the washing, or sometimes when I’m half asleep, so I’ve got to grab my iPhone and get it down in voice memos ASAP. It’s always funny listening to those sleepy recordings the next day. Definitely NOT my best vocal work. 

Can you tell us about your new single, When Your Light Is Low? 

Yes! This one is a crazy story! Originally I had a couple of other musicians accompanying me at my gigs, and sadly one passed away suddenly in November last year. Then on the morning of his Birthday THIS year, I had the entire melody (from start to finish) of When Your Light Is Low come to me at about 5 AM. I was half asleep but still managed to record it with my iPhone. Then a few weeks later I decided to write the track about him (since it came to me on his Birthday), and the lyrics just flew out of me. I loved the track so much I decided it had to be my single, and then when I teamed up with Kruger James (who makes beats for MATHAS) and heard his incredible production of the track, I loved it even more. 

Any tour dates coming up?

Not at this stage, but a lot of my fan base is in Sydney so I’d love to head there soon and play some shows so they can finally see me do my thing. 

What does the rest of 2019 – and beyond - have in store for you? 

I’ll be releasing When Your Light Is Low on November 1st (it will be available on all digital platforms) and will be having the single launch at Mojo's Fremantle on November the 13th. It’s going to be a really special night, the line up is great, so there is going to be a lot of talent in one room. I will also be working on the music video for the single over the summer period and be dropping the video early March next year, and by then I’m sure it’ll be time for the next release ;) 

Where can we find more of your music? 

Check out my socials and stay tuned! 


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