The Essential Songs of Sydney Mardi Gras with DJs Victoria Anthony & Amanda Louise

The Essential Songs of Sydney Mardi Gras with DJs Victoria Anthony & Amanda Louise

Learn yourself ahead of this weekend's celebrations.

This Saturday 3 March sees the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras reach its fabulous crescendo, taking over the streets of Sydney for the massive Mardi Gras parade, to go with a whole lot of partying all over Sydney. One of those parties is going down at the Merivale, who are partnering up with Absolut to celebrate pride and diversity through bringing a diverse range of people from the LGBTQI+ community together to discuss equality and empower Australians to celebrates the differences that make us all so unique. Two of those people are Victoria Anthony and Amanda Louise. The former (pictured above left) is a transgender DJ/entertainer who has built up a flourishing career in Sydney's club scene since transitioning in 2013. The latter has performed at clubs all over the world, bringing a unique talent first discovered at the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras, where she has remained a staple ever since.

Both artists have made two excellent playlists, focusing on the best tracks that have ignited Sydney dancefloors for them over the years. Warning - there is some serious heat in these playlists:


This playlist comes from my heart. It highlights many of the songs that people have danced to or requested in the gay bars around town. I see all the joy that they bring people when I play them and that is why I have included them. Music helps bring back so many memories and with the 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras just around the corner, these songs chosen will help us reflect on all the great memories that may come to mind when we listen to the songs. It’s time to celebrate all we have achieved and I chose Kylie Minogue to help us out. But we can’t forget Cher as she is ready to entertain us at the Mardi Gras and we will believe.

Madonna has also taught us to express ourselves and George Michael had shown us that we have the Freedom. And we can’t get enough of all their love! Now everyone can go to the Chapel of Love with Bette Midler’s support and their will be fireworks at the reception with Katy Perry. The only way is up for absolutely everybody! We will be dancing in the street when Whitney tells us to dance with somebody and we will reach for the stars. There ain’t no mountain high enough when love takes over and nothing will break our stride because we are family!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

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Everyone has had their own Sydney Mardi Gras journey with songs that trigger so many memories of joy. Here are 26 of my favorite tracks that take me back to the dancefloor. Most of these are from the famous performances during the party just as Cher continues that tradition at this year SGLMG SOLD OUT Party 3rd March. A few highlights below:

- Smalltown Boy by Bronchi Beat: All members of the group were openly gay and their songs reflected this, often containing political commentary on gay-related issues.

- Vogue by Madonna: Enough said really. God bless the queen!

- Music Is The Answer by Celeda / Danny Tenaglia: We all take our problems to the dancefloor and this one will get your hips and heart beating. Please someone bring Danny to SGLMG.

- Your Love by Frankie Knuckles: It was Rolling Stone that wrote "Nobody can agree on who invented the blues or birthed rock & roll, but there is no question that house music came from Frankie Knuckles." The late Frankie music performed many times at Mardi Gras.

- Big Time Sensuality by Bjork: Her performance at SGLMG was before my time however the story of her show to this epic number was retold many times as one of the best performances in history.

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