ODESZA and Golden Features' BRONSON project teams up with T.E.E.D. for DAWN

ODESZA and Golden Features' BRONSON project teams up with T.E.E.D. for DAWN

The new single, which features Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, is the third from the project's debut album, which arrives August 7th.

In the midst of coronavirus, two of electronic music's defining modern-day names announced a new project, BRONSON. Teased two months ago, the project moulds together the forward-thinking experimentalism of Australia's own Golden Features with that of US mega-duo ODESZA, who themselves are a group amongst the upper echelon of electronica come 2020. The project - announced with its two introductory singles, the lau.ra-featuring lead HEART ATTACK and the instrumental VAULTS - promises to navigate the intersection of the combination at their respective, long-crafted sounds; the pair deepening their collaborative friendship after a history of being close friends and remixers.

Together, HEART ATTACK and VAULTS showcased two different sides to the collaborative pairing; the former taking the intricacies of ODESZA's work and the cinematic beauty captured within it, then multiplying it by the rolling tenseness of Golden Features, albeit in a more mellow and subtle take compared to his often-chaotic solo work. VAULTS, meanwhile, was an instrumental exploration of the common bridges between ODESZA and Golden Features; both acts feeling present through the song's warped edges, but slick coating that brought it all together.

Now, with a debut album for the project on the way (the self-titled record arrives August 7th), they're showing yet another facet to expect from the complex and wide-ranging release. Its third taste, DAWN, features Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for a moment of subtle and minimalistic bliss, taking a more ambient-aligned route as T.E.E.D.'s as usual dreamy vocal transcends above a growing production underneath, which even at its most climactic moments, feels like a masterclass in ODESZA and Golden Features' sounds when stripped back to its most relaxing form.

It's a near-spiritual experience; a moment of trying euphoria that explores a sense of hope in a darkened time period, but not without the pain and passion that goes into making that moment shine. "Creatively, we respect Orlando (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) so much," ODESZA and Golden Features elaborate on the single, which seemingly suggests that the full record will be quite a multi-faceted and experimental release that goes beyond what you'd expect from the pairing. "When we started the writing process for DAWN, it was with the intent to fill in the gap of what was missing on the record. We came to him with an initial idea for the track, and in turn, he listened to parts of the record, made sense of its themes both sonically and conceptually and started to write over what became what DAWN is now.

"Not only do the lyrics provide this renewed sense of hope, but his vocals compliment the tone and energy of the song perfectly," they continue. "DAWN is a song meant to take you on a journey and explore various concepts and emotions of the record. We couldn’t think of a more fitting song to end the album with."

Take a dive into the release below, and stay tuned for the release of BRONSON - the pairing's self-titled debut album - out on August 7th.

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