NoMBe and Mansionair interview each other ahead of US tour

NoMBe and Mansionair interview each other ahead of US tour

They'll be touring with Mikky Ekko over the next month off the back of a string of releases from both parties.

Over the past twelve months, LA-via-Germany musician and songwriter NoMBe and Australian trio Mansionair have been killing it, to put it bluntly. The former combined the worlds of electronic, R&B, soul and indie on his charming debut album They Might've Even Loved Me, which followed on from a steady stream of singles that have catapulted the rising name into the spotlight. Mansionair, on the other hand, have been busy writing their next big project, collaborated with ODESZA, and have thus far released two killer singles in Astronaut (Something About Your Love) and more recently, Violet City.

Following from the big twelve months for the two acts, they're currently in the midst of a US tour with Nashville musician Mikky Ekko, teaming up with SiriusXM's Alt Nation for a bunch of dates over the next two months. The tour kicked off this week, and in celebration, NoMBe and Mansionair have teamed up to interview each other about a whole bunch of stuff, from movie scores and favourite lyrics to album writing and pranks. Check it all out below, and be sure to catch them at any of their US dates at the end of this article – full details and tickets HERE.

NoMBe interviews Mansionair:

What’s your favourite movie score?

I think this literally changes from month to month. At the moment it's the score to Blue Planet 2! I have never been so emotional about humpback whales.

What’s a song of the last five years you wish you’ve written?

Lonely World by Moses Sumney. That song is a rollercoaster

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

I think all I want to see in the music industry is a real genuine sense of community. I'm immediately drawn to people who are genuinely passionate about music, not just here to be cool in the 'music industry.'

Mansionair is a really cool name. Where does it come from? Is it the air in a mansion or a very eccentric millionaire who will only come over for dinner if it’s at a mansion?

I wish it were something like that, we initially were called MANSIONS and then we found out there's already a US band called, so we desperately were trying to come up with similar-ish things.

Mansionites, Mansionbears, Mansionwheres? 'Mansionair' felt the most natural.

A song lyric of yours that you’re very proud of and why?

"Put a string in the middle and tie it to my chest, I'm spinning around your five-mile radius" It's off a song that's not out yet, but the song is about feeling distant and not quite connected to the person you love)

Extra Question – What’s your favourite NoMBe song? lol

Haha well, Wait was the first song my friend showed me. I keep coming back to it so it has to be that one!!

Mansionair interviews NoMBe:

What's one thing we need to know about you before we live on a tour bus together for three weeks?

I am addicted to peanut butter and I do voices a lot. Like A LOT

What song was the hardest to write on your album?

Wow, good question. I would say Milk & Coffee because I wanted the lyrics to be just right. I think I rewrote the verses three times.

Do you have any plans to come hang in Australia? What do you wanna do here?

Man, that’s probably my no. 1 travel destination as of late. I love to surf but would also love to experience nature and see animals and stuff. Experience nightlife over there. See some of the bands I’ve been into for a bit.

Who is your favourite new artist from LA that we really need to check out?


Last one! Any good pranks we can play on Mikky Ekko?

Depends on how far you wanna take it, I think trimming his beard overnight would be hilarious. Or replace some water bottles with gin or vodka haha.

Tour Dates:

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