Meet Australia's Future Future-Bass Stars

Meet Australia's Future Future-Bass Stars

From Enschway to Herzeloyde to Deer, meet the up and coming future-bass producers flying the Australian flag.

Since emerging as a commercial genre with Flume’s self-titled debut, the future-bass sound has grown and grown. Over the past three years the sound has become just as popular as other bass-orientated genres such as trap, with full festival line-ups featuring artists that showcase the synth-soaked sounds of future-bass. Despite international artists like San Holo and Porter Robinson really popularising the genre on a world-wide scale, since Flume’s pioneering of the genre Australian artists have continued killing it, with people like Wave Racer, Just A Gent, Cosmo's Midnight and Alison Wonderland a few of the many front-runners. With more and more artists being discovered every week, we thought now is as good a time as any to go over some of our picks at some of Australia’s best and newest future-bass hopefuls, all incredibly rad and all boasting some sick, synth-heavy sounds.


2016 has been a wild year for Sydney-based producer Enschway thus far, and by the looks of things, it’s only going to get bigger. Starting the year as a relative small producer, he’s now at a point where his productions have picked up worldwide recognition, with his work being featured in sets by RL Grime, San Holo and Boombox Cartel, among others. Sporting collaborations with LOLO BX, Luude (who also features on this list) and Holly, his Friendschway EP is one of this year’s biggest releases – raising eyebrows on both a national and international level. Whilst this may make him sound like an already-established producer in the game (which he definitely is), there’s some absolutely monstrous things planned for the producer in the year ahead, things I feel will make him one of electronic’s biggest names by 2016’s end.

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Aside from the previously-mentioned collaboration with buddy Enschway, Perth producer Luude has released some of this year’s biggest songs. His flip of Ganz’s What So Not collaboration Lone and Fetty Wap’s 679 have both ranked up hundreds of thousands of plays, joining Cortex and his TWERL collaboration Coco Butter as some Luude’s best work. Whilst his work isn’t exclusively future-bass (there’s a couple of more trappier songs across his Soundcloud too), Luude’s high-energy productions, and his sets to match, have Luude looking like one of Australia’s next big things.

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Running into the underground a little bit, Spaces is an emerging Sydney producer with a reasonably small following, but some very big sounds. Following up from the glistening originals Will Wait and Need You, his collaboration with Holly (a producer who would deserve top spot on the international edition of this list) Wish I Had is soaked with blissful, feel-good vibes, sporting a deep, shimmering drop that unexpectedly drops in after a piano-laden intro.

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Heading back to Perth for a moment, Time Pilot are a quickly-emerging duo who are all about experimentation, blending deep, synth melodies with orchestral strings (on Zulu) or light piano chords (on their remix of KUČKA’s Honey). Whilst they’ve been in the business for a minute now, a complete re-design in terms of both the duo’s production work and brand saw them take their name to another level, transforming from an unheard-of local support to a duo bordering an Australian-wide domination, with their eyes set on beyond.

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Moving away from the heavier, bass-orientated side of future-bass, Australian producer Fossa Beats has become one to watch in 2016, with his latest original Fuji, featuring Moving Castle affiliate Dugong Jr, joining the Good Enuff-launching single Echoes as two of this year’s best singles. His more traditional, melodic twist on future is captivating and tantalizing, washing your ears with a sugary-sweet feeling that’ll leave you chirpy and joyous for hours afterwards. The Melbourne producer is definitely one to keep on your ‘watch-lists’ as he launches an all-out assault on 2016.

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Knees deep in an Australian tour supporting his latest EP, Herzeloyde is a Melbourne producer who has been quietly bubbling away for a few years now. His Soundcloud is littered in dark, oozy productions, infusing video game-sounding, 8-bit synth melodies with roaring bass (on his Construct EP featuring single Plea), or wonky, Soulection-esque tones (on Construct). He has variety and maturity in his productions on the level you would expect from some of EDM’s most talented, but despite this, he’s really yet to really blow up on a national and international scale but let me assure you this – it’s going to happen soon.

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Hailing from Sydney, Naderi is one of Australia’s biggest electronic names – but not because of his productions. Having worked behind the scenes to perfect releases by Flume, What So Not, Carmada, GRMM and more, Naderi is one of ADM’s go-to audio engineers, having only recently launched a production alias of his own. Despite it’s short lifespan thus far, Naderi’s production career has blossomed, officially remixing tracks including Keys N Krates, GRiZ, Big Grams and Daniel Johns. His most recent remix comes in the form of Skrillex’s ZHU collaboration Working For It, where THEY.’s swooning, R&B vocals are matched with a building synth line, roaring bass and vocal chops. Naderi’s experience in audio engineering is where his productions really shine, with clean melody breaks and complicated harmony layering impressing on his Working For It remix.

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With singles such as Home and It Still Hurts, collaborations with Enschway, and remixes for Hatch, The Weeknd and Tigerilla under his belt, Kuren is a rising force in Australia’s bass scene who is not to be overlooked. Home (which we spoke about HERE) is one his best pieces of work to date, with Ben Alessi’s soaring vocals layered over a synth-soaked drop that leeches with oomph. Two weeks deep in his current tour, Kuren is a producer to be checked out as soon as possible.

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After teasing us with a collaboration featuring Lojack, remixing Hermitude and Dapp, plus a couple of low-key originals on the side, 2016 finally saw the release of Mitsunami’s Paradark EP, arriving through Stoney Roads Records. The two-track release is deep and heavy, with the EP’s opening title-track blending roaring bass with a real chime-y synth melody, before taking on a more high-energy, club-infused sound with the EP closer Myrtle. Pulsating with throbbing sounds, Mitsunami’s debut EP is all class - something that’s sure to be delivered with the rest of his future releases too.

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Ending on a strong point comes Melbourne’s Deer, an artist doing things like no-one else. His collaboration with UV boi is dark and brooding, something completely different to the upbeat, sugary sounds of Nightfall, which features on Sidechains’ newest compilation. His most impressive pieces of work have to be his remix of MssingNo’s XE2 and more lately, his remix of Penthouse Penthouse’s collaboration with Maribelle, About You. The latter of which sees the producer layer Maribelle’s effortlessly sultry vocal line with a crisp, flowing instrumental.

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We know for a fact we missed some - feel free to let us know who.

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