Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Catch up on the best electronic tunes of last week, including tracks from Lido, Autograf, MOZA and more.

Whilst last week might’ve been one of the biggest weeks for electronic music in memory, the week just gone was fairly large too. Norwegian producer and songwriter Lido finally dropped his long-awaited debut album Everything, which joined the debut album from Miami duo GTA as the biggest full-length electronic releases of the past week and whilst there were no particularly huge releases single-wise, we were still greeted to impressive new tracks and remixes by Hoodboi, NLV Records crew member UNiiQU3, Stooki Sound, PC Music Queen Hannah Diamond and more. Justice dropped a ripping new visual accompaniment to Randy. Dro Carey returned with a new, grimier sound on Elevate and then came in BATTS, with her stirring and sultry new single Lie To Me. It’s been a pretty big week really, but lucky for you we’re here to catch you up to speed with things you might’ve missed – check out the best bits below.

Mark Johns - Molino EP

Although she may not quite be a household name just yet, OWSLA-affiliated singer-songwriter Mark Johns may be one of the most promising acts to come out of the US in the past few years. Between covering Amy Winehouse’s stirring Rehab with Tennyson earlier this year, astounding with her original BTFU (Mommy Issues) and collaborations with Bearson, Gnash, Manila Killa and more; over the past two years Mark Johns has become a go-to for slick vocal talents and exciting natural skill, impressing time and time again. Her newest release, arriving this week, is a two-track EP preview entitled Molino, an ode to her recent time living in LA. Teasing two of the five tracks from her upcoming EP – out October 28th through OWSLA – Mark Johns tantalizes with her aforementioned vocal prowess, which glides over elastic, experimental-leaning productions. On the EP’s title track, Johns flows above a strikingly dark beat, which contrasts well against the jazzed-up, flattering production she soars above on the EP’s second teaser, Before You. Both tracks, together and on their own, work perfectly at doing exactly what they’re meant to do – drum up the hype for her returning EP, an EP we can’t wait to hear.

Autograf - Future Sauce

Distancing themselves from America’s crowded electronic scene with this year’s Future Soup EP, Chicago trio Autograf have gone on to do some great things. Currently on the road for a bus tour with fellow emerging electronic outfit Goldroom, the trio’s latest venture is their boldest yet and a brave step up from August’s glittering, sun-soaked banger Don’t Worry. Taken from their forthcoming, unannounced full-length record (which hopefully we’ll see before the year’s out), Future Sauce is an impressive return, with the trio completely shaking things up and heading in a new, exciting direction. Bulging with flavour and spice, Future Sauce opens with a lengthy acoustic piano melody, which is joined by percussion and chanting vocal samples as it builds and builds. Unexpectedly, around the two-minute mark the track completely switches up into a funky, bass guitar riff, which grooves crashes of cymbals and piano work. It’s almost similar to a modernised Justice, only with a little less grittiness and rawness and instead, a little more commercialisation and cleanliness. Still though, the track is super impressive.

Kid Froopy - BB (Four Missed Texts) (WRLD Remix)

Emerging two months ago with an out-of-nowhere, addictive jam BB (Four Missed Texts), Moving Castle wunderkind Kid Froopy became one of 2016’s unexpected stars. Likewise, is WRLD – a young, Dutch producer doing equally impressive things with collaborations alongside FatherDude and a remix for LIGHTS recently. With dates in Australia soon to be announced (more on that soon), the Dutch up-and-comer has treated us to another new piece of work, flipping Froopy’s addictive track on its head for an enticing remix. Straight out the gates with a retro, early-80s feel, WRLD’s remix of BB pulses with bass and throwback synth throughout its duration, joining Froopy’s vocals from the original. It’s the type of song that would be perfectly accompanied with a relaxing, carefree drive under the stars, with beams of light from street lamps being placed in the song through its dazzling synth lines. Whilst WRLD’s remix was a personal favourite, BB’s two other remixes also dropped last week – with DZZ and VALENTINE each hopping on board to release chiming takes on the original too.

Kota Banks & MOZA - Empty Streets

The only Australian outfit on this week’s list (I’ll be more supportive next week, don’t worry), MOZA are an emerging Australian electronic duo who are doing everything right in our books. Their debut single On The Line, released early this year, straight-up impressed us with its tropical tones, that pounded underneath walls of synth and percussion as well as an incredible vocal line. Since then the boys have been fairly busy, teaming up with Kilter for his Hottest 100-worthy single They Don’t Know Us and more recently, reworking Porsches’ Blood To A Shark for an official remix. Their newest cut sees them team up with Kota Banks, another emerging Australian outfit, for Empty Streets – out through Majestic Casual. On Empty Streets, both MOZA and Kota Banks take turns in astounding us with electrifying vocal lines, which soar above an exciting, synth-driven production. Be sure to check out the track’s yeahsure-directed video clip, which stars the trio themselves in what can be only described an IRL version of Australia’s answer to Mario Kart.

TastyTreat & Kid Lizard - U And Me feat. Madi & Malcom Anthony

Whereas the majority of this week’s list has been all about acts that have emerged and dominated in 2016, TastyTreat is a LA-based duo who easily would’ve been listed under this category for 2015 – impressing with tracks including For A Minute and Found Someone. That being said, this year the boys have had an even bigger year than last – releasing two EPs and a whole heap of other originals and remixes over the past ten months. Their latest release sees them create a super-group of sorts, teaming up with LA producer Kid Lizard, Virtual Riot-collaborator Madi and New Jersey hip-hop newcomer Malcom Anthony for a new anthem entitled U And Me. Captivating with an R&B-infused production and vocals from both Madi and Malcom Anthony, U And Me is a slick and sophisticated future-bass track that, unlike many other tracks in the genre, focuses more so on the vocals than the walls of synth underneath and to be honest, it pulls off really well. Both Madi and Malcom Anthony sound clean and professional on U And Me, with Madi’s delicate, poppy vocal work contrasting against Anthony’s more urbanised sound, especially when he flips into a heavy, hip-hop mode towards the end.

Lido - Citi Bike

Although I could’ve easily just filled up this article with tracks from Lido’s recent debut album Everything, I’m going to be a good sport here and pick the best of it and let everyone else have a little time to shine. Although Everything certainly mesmerised with its soulful nature towards the end, the album’s best moment comes around the middle with Citi Bike, a slamming hip-hop track featuring what is possibly thought to be Jaden Smith and Towkio (however names such as Vic Mensa have also been thrown in as possibilities). Citi Bike balances Lido’s hip-hop influences with his signature sound highlighted in Murder and the Cashmere Cat-featuring Dye, opening with a very dark, Odd Future-esque vocal feature that unexpectedly is met with a crashing synth drop, shaking with bangs of percussion and Lido’s soaring vocal work. Afterwards, the track mellows down into more of a hip-hop sound, with an uncomplicated and unforced rap verse gliding above a brooding production that howls and howls before the booming breakdown returns once again. With tracks like You’ve Lost Your Keys and Angel joining the aforementioned singles as Everything’s best moments (although choosing favourites on this record is pretty much impossible for me), Citi Bike really stands out and cements itself as one of, if not the best piece of work from the seasoned Norwegian producer to date.

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