Listen: Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance - Moments of Extasy

Listen: Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance - Moments of Extasy

Soak up the second record of in your face rave anthems from the big daddy of trance himself

Two years after blowing us out of the water with Planet Love, German DJ, promoter and of course producer Marlon Hoffstatdt revives his ridiculously appropriately named DJ Daddy Trance alias for the equally appropriately titled Moments of Extasy. Across its 6 tracks, the record shows a deep appreciation for trance and rave culture with a modern twist, as all manner of squelchy synths meet relentless basslines and huge drum machines. 

Released on his own Midnight Themes label, Moments of Extasy sees Hoffstatdt take even more creative control of his art, also designing the artwork and running PR through his savour the moment agency. 

Of the release, Hoffstadt says "When I write and produce music, I have a clear idea of what the artwork should look like, how I want to release the music and how I want to promote it.

I just love having complete control over my music. Not only does it give me tremendous freedom, but it also allows me to be in control of my rights, not having to bend stylistically and making money from my music in the long run."

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