HABITS, BV & friendships pick out their favourite tracks at the moment

HABITS, BV & friendships pick out their favourite tracks at the moment

The three Australian electronic breakouts treat us to a round of fresh tracks ahead of their forthcoming show at Melbourne's The Night Cat this Friday.

When it comes to Australia's electronic underground, there are no three acts quite as exciting as HABITS, BV and friendships. Described as a "yoga class on MDMA", Melbourne two-piece HABITS charmed us last year with their intoxicating single Ether, which they then followed with a ravey, drumming anthem in Reverend Mother. BV - previously known as Black Vanilla - bring a more refined and varied sound to the table with the partnership between Collarbones' Marcus Whale, Cassius Select's Lavurn Lee and Jarred Bleerer breaking the boundaries between clubby electronic, R&B and hip-hop with their unique productions. Melbourne's friendships, on the other hand, dabble in a more club-ready house sound perfect for lifting the energy levels in any occasion, most recently showcasing this sound in their expansive Nullarboor 1988-1989 record last year. The trio of acts are some of the most experimental and unique of the Australian club scene, and this Friday they'll be joining forces for a special show at Melbourne's The Night Cat with Wahe. In anticipation of the show (which you can get tickets for HERE), we got the three guest selectors to pick out their favourite tracks around at the moment, and considering how left-field and experimental each of their respective productions are, it creates quite a varied and impressive bunch of singles.

BV's Marcus Whale:

SZA - Supermodel

Fave song of the year thus far that isn't on the Arca album.

Joni Mitchell - The Last Time I Saw Richard

I've been listening to this album, Blue, lately, it gives me joy where a lot of other music doesn't. This song, like the song Bells for Her by her disciple Tori Amos, communicates with beguiling beauty the sense of inevitable, inexorable disappointment in the actions of the people you love.

Post Motel - Bright Light

I've seen Post Motel perform three times. The first, he ran and walked for the entire set on a treadmill. At the end of the second, the two mute men that stand by his side at every show like submissive gimps destroyed the treadmill. In the third, he performed wearing nothing but a silicon mould of his mother's breasts. And somehow the number one thing on my mind is the hot guitar line from this track.

friendships's Nic Brown:

HABITS - Gerger (Miles Brown's Gothic Overload Mix)

Two of the best go head to head. Massive remix!! Huge track in gen!!

Poison - CCGC60

I would say "super group" most would say "power couple". J.beeler aka "the dealer" & T Willy aka "hot tom" with a huge groove werk-out.

The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion

A chorus so cool, they bring it back six times. Also, this is the only track I've got a drink for when playing in a DJ set lol. Zing zing


Kesha - Praying

Literally name a moment in pop history as triumphant and brave as this. Dr. Rapist Scum tried to break Kesha and he failed. She knows she could drag him but instead she just wishes for him to fix his trash self and be a better person. Kesha's honesty and strength leave me speechless every time I listen to this song. This is an anthem to healing.

Kandere - BB GOY

Wahe's beat-making is totally intuitive and alive. Exploring their deep connection to the ocean, it is filled with undulating movement and is expertly restrained. Lakyn's verses are a visually and emotionally evocative declaration of their ascent as a black non-binary boss, delivered in a sardonically nonchalant flow. It's actually so hard to believe this is their first single, let's all get ready to bow down, shall'st we not?

Sega Bodega - Bacardi

*middle aged white dad voice* I don't know what this is but I like it

BV / HABITS / friendships Showcase Details:

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