Get To Know London Topaz ahead of our free party in Melbourne this weekend

Get To Know London Topaz ahead of our free party in Melbourne this weekend

He joins MUTO and Maribelle at the JD Barrel House soiree on Saturday 18 November.

This weekend we're heading over to Melbourne to throw a little party as part of Jack Daniel's JD Barrel House independent music pop-up, taking up residence on the Crown Riverwalk and showcasing heaps of great emerging acts. Our particular party is going down this Saturday 18 November, and we'll be heading over to play alongside three artists infinitely more talented and cool than we ever could be - Maribelle, MUTO and London Topaz. To help get to know everyone a little better before we do, we'll be interviewing each act in the lead-up, and today you can meet Melbourne local London Topaz, an artist we've featured a couple of times, and who just released a beautiful new video clip with Dena Amy.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Nick, from Melbourne, Australia. I started the London Topaz concept while transcending to a higher consciousness two years ago. Writing music is an escape into the the darkest most beautiful parts of my soul that I get to explore/extract through sound.

What kinda tunes we talkin'?

Emotional electronic, following dance structure, but that may change, hmmm...

Production/writing process?

My production/writing process begins hours before I’ve stepped foot into my studio, I need to connect physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I have a strict routine every morning that unites my mind, body and breathe allowing me to express creatively. When in studio I begin by experimenting with melodic structures, rhythms and sounds. I then combine these ideas to delve a little deeper into the structure and further understand the direction, usually as this process continues I’ve developed the core idea and I begin to build around that.

Tell us about your new single/video clip with Dena Amy, Your Eyes?

We began writing Your Eyes September 2016, I’m so happy my first collaboration was with Dena, she taught me a lot about professionalism not only in the industry but as an individual. We worked on the record for 4-5 months together and the rest is history!

Love was the essence of the record so it was essential to visually represent every aspect of this in the film clip, the highs, lows and everything in between.

Any shows coming up?

Yeah, I’ve got a fun summer coming up, I've got a few festival shows (Grapevine Gathering, Beyond the Valley & For The Love), plus I’m up in Sydney for EMC in a couple of weeks which is really exciting!

And wht about the rest of the year?

I’m in the new music focus zone at the moment! I’m putting in lots of studio hours to enhance and develop my production for 2018. I’m also always determined to develop and learn about myself on a personal level which flows into my LT work, so a lot of ME time may occur! HA

Where can we hear more of your music?

Spotify and Soundcloud are a good start!

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