flowerkid's new song with KUCKA - It’s Happening Again - is one of the year's best

flowerkid's new song with KUCKA - It’s Happening Again - is one of the year's best

19-year-old Flynn Sant has created a trend of one-upping himself with every release. This one is no different.

flowerkid is a remarkably special musician, but everyone who has heard his music likely knows that already. 

In 2018, flowerkid - the solo project of then-17-year-old Flynn Sant, from Sydney's western suburbs - made a breakthrough with their single boy with the winfields and the wild heart, a tender and potent song that crowned Flynn as someone worth watching in the year ahead. It introduced flowerkid as a blossoming new force to Australian pop music, one who specialises in the type of aching and intimate songwriting that draws you in immediately, and leaves you out more knowledgable not just on the reflections of its creator, but also on the reflections of yourself, in a way.

It wasn't just a one-off, either. As Australia attempted to comfort itself amongst a turbulent 2020, flowerkid's returning single miss andry became a soothing anthem to soundtrack a difficult time, with its connective and cathartic-like properties almost reaching out, comforting you with its familiarity in a time everyone was experiencing anything but. As much as miss andry was a personal song to flowerkid, the way it was delivered made it almost evolve into a personal moment for everyone it came across; emphasising the talents of Flynn Sant as someone who channels their own experiences and emotions into art - as confronting as they may be - with the hope of connecting to anyone would needs.

As a pair, both boy with the winfields and the wild heart and miss andry encapsulate flowerkid's confessional approach to songwriting; full of the brutal honesty and intimacy that defines much of their work thus far. It's something that has seemingly grown even more prevalent as time goes on too, as his confidence soars amongst claims of his work being synonymous with Australian pop's future, and the therapeutic nature of his music consoles more people as it grows in popularity.

Today, however, marks what feels like a new chapter for flowerkid; a new beginning that unveils an exciting edge to the musician's discography and sound, all without removing the intimacy and consoling nature that makes flowerkid such an enticing force. It comes in the form of It's Happening Again, a collaboration with pop provocateur KUČKA; the experimental and forward-thinking embrace of the Perth-raised musician's sound intertwining itself with flowerkid's rich lyricism, with the end result no doubt being one of the year's best songs thus far.

It's a single that welcomes a re-invigorated edge to flowerkid's sound, deepening his sonic vision as his vocal dances amongst a piano-backed, drum'n'bass-inspired production. It's unlike anything else we've heard from the musician thus far, and KUČKA's inclusion doubles down on that, as her vocal becomes flowerkid's first major guest feature. There's an adventurousness about it, taking a new leap into future opportunities and opening up his sound for endless paths in the future.

In saying that, it doesn't lose the potency that's become defining of flowerkid's work. It's Happening Again, as flowerkid explains, begins a period of expression for the musician; a process of multi-faceted healing explored through the invigoration of creative release - something long connected to flowerkid's work.

"This new single, featuring the beautiful KUČKA, and what will follow soon afterwards, has been everything I have thought about for a very long time. And this body of work is a feeling that has been bottled up inside me for all of my existence on this earth," he says. "This song is so very important to me."

"My process of healing comes in three. It’s Happening Again is my first step. I need to confront the very conniving voices that circle throughout my head. They tell me I can’t say what I'm about to say. So I know what I have to do, and that's to shout on the rooftops of every hardship I've ever had to climb. In the times of finding myself, I've had to lose myself first. And I’ve finally found that this loss of control was absolutely necessary," he continues. "I want us to lose ourselves hand in hand, on this ethereal, spiritual, and timeless musical journey I created for us. Please listen and watch, as my internal and external struggles flourish into bloom. I can’t wait for you to hear this excerpt of my heart and soul."

There's an incredible video by Braun Chatterjee accompanying the single release as well, which digs further into the therapeutic themes flowerkid shows through It's Happening Again

Take a dive into it all below, and relish in the magnificence of one of Australia's best new artists, beginning to find their rhythm on a level never seen before.

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