Go behind-the-scenes of the Matilda's new anthem with Ninajirachi

Go behind-the-scenes of the Matilda's new anthem with Ninajirachi

Worked on by Ninajirachi, Nina Las Vegas, KLP, Kota Banks and others, the song arrives with remixes still to come.

At the tail-end of last month, some of Australia's best names in pop music and pop music production - Ninajirachi, Nina Las Vegas, KLP, Kota Banks, Thandi Phoenix and GRAACE - teamed up to write an anthem for Australia's women's national soccer team The Matildas, who at the time, were hyping up a visit to France for the 2019 World Cup. Recorded back in April at Sydney's Forbes Street Studios, the anthem sees the aforementioned names unite their talents in songwriting, vocals and production for an energy-raising stand-alone single that complements the strengths of each side - Ninajirachi and Nina Las Vegas in production mode; KLP and Kota Banks on vocals; and Thandi and GRAACE repping some songwriting effort - all of which come together to make Everything We Ever Dreamed Of a masterclass in collaborative songwriting.

At its roots, Everything We Ever Dreamed Of is an uplifting and positive moment of inspiration, telling a story of perseverance and sticking through the hard times to achieve your goals above a bubbly production thick with those club-centric mannerisms often found amongst Ninajirachi and Nina Las Vegas on a solo-level. "This opportunity was incredibly unique and exciting and impossible to turn down! It’s awesome knowing we can contribute to the Matildas’ journey in France. The Matildas are inspiring all Australians to dream big, so we’re excited to raise up women's football with this track collaboration," says Nina Las Vegas in a quote accompanying the release, backed up by KLP: "To be able to write lyrics and melodies to inspire the Matildas to kick goals in France is an experience I will never forget. Go team!"

There's remixes and more to come, but in the meantime, dive into Everything We Ever Dreamed Of below with some behind-the-scenes shots and insight from Ninajirachi.

Behind-the-scenes of the Matildas' new theme: 

MusicaCopa BTS 276

The idea came together before myself or any of the other artists were involved – it was Nike and Musica Copa who brought everyone together.

MusicaCopa BTS 277

The process was pretty interesting and unique – we started having written two different songs. In the end, Nike and the Matilda’s loved both, so we all worked together to combine the best elements of into one song.

MusicaCopa BTS 278

We had an initial session in which the first two demo songs were written and recorded. A few weeks later, Nina Las Vegas and I spent two days in the studio finishing instrumental production.

MusicaCopa BTS 332

MusicaCopa BTS 337

The next day we got the final vocals from Kota Banks and KLP, and within the week the song was done!

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