Alta's Guide To The Melbourne Beats Scene

Alta's Guide To The Melbourne Beats Scene

Alta share a new single along with some of their favourite hometown homies.

Melbourne duo Alta are on a hot streak recently in the lead-up to the release of their new EP Awake For Days (out via Caroline June 26). First single Moves was a complex beast that recently came with a gorgeous film clip, and today sees the release of a more pared back single in Alive Again. Keeping that densely layered vibe we love about them, it's a blissful, chilled out affair that is like the cruisy ying to Moves' crazy yang. Take a listen below, and then prepare to be schooled on who's killing it around Melbourne lately.



alta silent jay

He is consistently putting out quality material. He is prolific as hell and I imagine he has hard drives and hard drives of beats and WIPs. Sometimes I’ll see him play a set a week apart and it is completely different - all original beats. A genuine instrumentalist and singer too. If you haven’t seen him play put it on the top of your todo list.


alta ills

Top grade audio and visual experience. Really experimental and creative but with the right amount of restraint so it’s enjoyable and uplifting. Really really good stuff - definitely see these guys. Here's their rad new video clip for Let Me Have Just One:


alta leaks

I feel like all his music has the perfect balance of space. He’s moved away from the laptop for live shows too and has some killer gear so it’s great to see him recreate his music live on stage.


alta friendships

These guys are a must. They are totally innovative and pushing boundaries. Heaps of energy on stage - I always have a big smile on my face when I flail my arms around to them. They’re blowing up overseas too so we gotta keep going to their shows to keep them living in Melbourne!


alta milwaukee banks new

Milwaukee Banks are a hip hop duo that have traction right now. You can really FEEL these guys’ passion when you see em. Bass is always STRONG. For example they might be the third act on the bill and in their first track the sub will kick you in the chest like you’re standing in a different room. Live pitched vocals are sometimes part of beats too which is bad-ass idea that I might totally steal from them, apologies in advance for that guys.


alta fortunes

Haven’t seen these guys live yet but have been clocking some miles on their Soundcloud recently. Next on the list to see because we’ve heard good things!


alta planete

Gorgeous production. Big slow build ups and big slow pay offs. I haven’t tried this yet but I reckon if you were driving to Sydney and put this on repeat at the start of the trip you’d be like “OH SHIT I'M HERE” because you get lost in it. It’s journey music. Maybe don’t try that driving thing. Try it on a plane after you watch the safety demo.


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