Stella Donnelly previews debut album with first single, Old Man

Stella Donnelly previews debut album with first single, Old Man

The Perth musician's long-awaited debut album, Beware Of The Dogs, is out March 8.

The trajectory of Stella Donnelly over the last 24 months has been almost unmatched by anyone else in Australia. The Perth/Fremantle singer-songwriter, once known for being involved with Perth upstarts BOAT SHOW and Bells Rapids, has gone from strength to strength over with every move she's made and her vast, international success has been the product of that - whether it's her debut EP, Thrush Metal, being amongst 2017's most essential and impressive; taking out the inaugural Levi's Music Prize with her captivating and moving live show; being named a stand-out act at last year's SXSW, opening a secure, international path; winning the WAM Song of the Year for Boys Will Be Boys; signing international record deals; or being one of our favourite PileTV #LiveSessions to date. Her list of accomplishments is long and ever-growing, but it couldn't happen to someone better - she makes strong, incredible music that brings to light some of music's (and general life's) most complex and devastating problems - rape culture and sexual assault one of the most impactful on Boys Will Be Boys - bringing these strong themes to masses in a way unmatched by basically everyone else in Australia.

Her long-awaited debut album feels like the logical next step for Stella Donnelly and we're stoked to say that in 2019, it's coming. Today marks the announcement of Beware Of The Dogs, which when it arrives on March 8th, will bring 13 slices of Stella's signature, heart-string-pulling charm, in a release she says "made me feel like I was back in the driver’s seat." The first taste of said album has also arrived in the form of Old Man and it sets 2019 off strong, uniting bright, summery guitar melodies with her playful vocal that, in true Stella Donnelly fashion, is contrasted by slick lyricism - this time, on the #MeToo movement which has seen many men - in music and not - finally held accountable for their actions, particularly regarding sexual assault and harassment. "I came up with the chords and chorus to this song in 2017 around the time when Woody Allen called the #MeToo movement a witch hunt," she says. "It was a very strange feeling for me watching the world change right before my eyes and to see that these men who had exploited their power for so long were actually being held accountable for their actions."

It's a graceful yet complex display of Stella Donnelly's brilliance, from her masterful lyricism of an incredibly important theme ("So have a chat to your friends / 'Cos it's our words that will keep our daughters safe / You're personality traits don't count if you put your dick in someone's face") to the strength of her songwriting instrumentally. She's a national treasure, and you should definitely pre-order Beware Of The Dogs HERE - it's going to be one of the year's best. Watch Old Man's video clip below:

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