Aus supergroup LOSER take a dive in on their debut EP Restless Noise

Aus supergroup LOSER take a dive in on their debut EP Restless Noise

Featuring members of The Smith Street Band, The Bennies and Apart From This, the group's debut EP is out now via Domestic La La.

With only a few releases under their belt, Domestic La La are quickly becoming a haven for brilliant Australian rock. Founded by Violent Soho's James Tidswell with Unified Music Group, the label have already signed some of the country's most exciting names - West Thebarton and Dear Seattle the first two - with recently-formed group LOSER joining the ranks with their debut EP Restless Noise. Composed of Tim Maxwell (Apart From This/Grim Rhythm), Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band) and Craig Selak (The Bennies), LOSER sees three of rock's best minds come together to form a group which somehow sits between each of their main projects, grinding with a 90s-esque alt-rock sound that unites catchy hooks with grungy, lo-fi guitar melodies that sometimes fall into more of a psych-like trance. "I've been a fan of what these guys have done separately, so I was excited when I heard they were going to make music together," says Tidswell on the trio, explaining what drew him to them as one of the label's early signings. "After hearing the EP I was totally blown away! LOSER have created something really special, and I'm so stoked to put it out on Domestic La La."

Arriving ahead a trio of launch shows across late-November/early-December, Restless Noise places LOSER forward as a shining light in our quickly-exploding rock scene. Dive into the EP below, with a track-by-track walkthrough written by the band themselves.


This was the first ever LOSER song written. I wrote Phase Me in my backyard in Footscray one afternoon over a bunch of beers and cigarettes and then later on decided to show my good mates Chris and Craig to pitch the idea of starting a band. The song came together in a few days and it was the track that formed the band. The song is about not being phased by the constant bullshit that surrounds you day-to-day.


I had the main melody and riff floating around for a few years when I was still playing in Apart From This and the song came back to me when LOSER started rehearsing as a full band. This song is about lack of sleep and losing your mind. The term Restless Noise sums up the EP perfectly.


Vacation was written on the day after Christmas after coming down off a wild mushroom trip which lasted a bit too long. As soon as I woke the next morning the melody and riff just came to me and the song made it's way out. I really wanted to channel the Weezer vibes on this track and I feel like I nailed it.


The song is about feeling isolated, overwhelmed and conflicted between what you feel is right within yourself and what everyone else is telling you.


This song was written Craig (bass) and it is about personalities in the music industry, and those people that will burn anyone to get successful. It’s never what it seems.

Tour Dates (tickets and more info HERE):

loser restless noise tour


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