EP Walkthrough: Pleasure Coma talk their debut EP, Naked

EP Walkthrough: Pleasure Coma talk their debut EP, Naked

The maniac, DIY-shaded world of Pleasure Coma really comes to life on the band's debut EP.

Header photo by Jamin Tasker.

Early last month, we were introduced to the unhinged world of Redfern's Pleasure Coma, a wild, punk-driven new band led by Sydney musical darling Tasker - who you may recognise from writing credits alongside Tia Gostelow and Kinder, plus remixes for Alison Wonderland and G Flip. It marked the perfect entry point to the "four upstanding young Centrelink beneficiaries who hail from all parts of NSW," offering hazy, DIY-shaded indie-punk interwoven with punchy vocal hooks and pop-centric songwriting that keeps it exciting and accessible. Waiting, the leading single, marked "an obscure attempt to represent the track's lyrics of being fed bullshit from the music industry, which in the long run, gets you nowhere" and the full EP Naked, out today, offers much the same commentary; uniting these hazy guitar riffs and bright vocals with lyrics on how the hell the world works and how the hell we're meant to keep up with it all.

Dive into the EP below and underneath that, read Tasker's track-by-track walkthrough of the EP, covering its themes, creation and how the tidy three-piece release all comes together in the end.

The three tracks on the Naked EP capture three different memories of my time living in Redfern, fresh out of Coffs Harbour, doing fuck all tryna figure out how the world works and disorientated as to what my life is and should be.


This track was originally written about being in a doctors waiting room, hence the name. It was gonna be some sub-par metaphor on about being told to hold off on realising my full potential and what not. I re-wrote the whole song a couple of times and ha-mother-fucking-za, it turned out aight.


What is it to be our raw, primal and animalistic selves as humans?

This must have plagued my mind, a couple of warm Hammer and Tongs deep on a miserable Valentines Day, a few years back. The clock ticked over to 8 (or 20:00 if you're into 24 hour time), making it clear that neither Jai, Jonny (See below for context on this rare unit) or myself were going to be in nothing but each others company on that god-forsaken capitalist excuse for a ‘holiday’. As the pressure grew to make it to Freda's for some pizza before the kitchen closed, an anthem came out of saddened state. "I’m always hungry", "I’m always tired" and "I’m always horny”.

Is this what it is to be human? Constantly seeking to fulfil and satisfy our fundamental desires and needs? You might be covered in a $20,000 garment, designed by some of Italy's finest designers, strutting the catwalk or red carpet alike, but at the end of the day, we really are all naked under these clothes. Primates attempting to cover up any remaining evidence that we are anything but that. It could be true and it might not be. What an interesting thought to be reduced to such a fucking stupid and simplistic song.

Is this what is it to be our raw, primal and animalistic selves as humans?


It was a Tuesday morning and my iPhone 4 (White 8GB) rang in anticipation for me to end its tune.

My mate Jonny Nomad Fuckin Blackwell was on the other line explaining how his housing situation had been removed from his grasp and asked if he could crash at mine on Zamia St for a few days. The days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and the months into a total of half a year. What a jolly time it was. This track is about those fantastic memories of drinking coffee and cheap beer, stretching the creative limitations of Mi Goreng and playing in a band together

I actually wrote the lyrics for this track in the waiting room of my local GP. Funny that. Nearly makes this whole EP seem the smallest bit cohesive…

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