Premiere: Waxflower unveil the video for Not Alone; debut EP out this April

Premiere: Waxflower unveil the video for Not Alone; debut EP out this April

The Brisbane-based band will be sharing their debut EP, We Might Be Alright, via the esteemed Rude Records on April 16th.

Waxflower have come a long, long way since our first introduction. 

When we initially met back in 2019, the Brisbane-based four-piece emerged as a newcomer in this darker, emo-punk-pop-like sound that brought together textures from all over the heavier rock world into this one, distinctly fresh and forward-thinking sound. It was visible on the singles scattered throughout that year; TogetherBack to Back and Cut Your Teeth each being glimpses of Waxflower finding their feet and making some hard-hitting, well-polished emo-rock in the process of doing so.

Deservedly, they were named one to watch in 2020 by many, and even at a time where their live show couldn't flourish on the level they had perhaps envisioned, it didn't stop last year from throwing Waxflower further into the heights of Australia's new generation. Sixteen Floors kicked off their year release-wise, before Getting Better and the Caitlin Henry-assisted Again brought fresh facets of their sound to the forefront, showing how the group had evolved and grown even in the space of a year.

Now, in 2021, everything's looking up for Waxflower. With live shows on the mend, the group made a return last with their new single Not Alone, which in addition to being another poignant slice of their typically emotive rock, also brought news of their forthcoming debut EP We Might Be Alright, arriving via Rude Records this April. What a song to kick it off, too: "Not Alone is an exercise in self-reflection, focusing on the internal struggles that come with striving to better your mental state. But it also expands on this by factoring in the support networks we have, the helpful tools outside of our own will and mind," says the band's frontman Tristan Higginson.

Today, with the April 16th release date for their debut EP now a week closer, we're stoked to be premiering the official video clip for Not Alone. Directed by Nick Hargans, the video rotates between Waxflower's reimagining of the single live and this kind-of group therapy-like setting, which ties into the single's theme of support networks and finding help when facing internal struggles. "The group therapy setting, and my interaction (or lack thereof) with the other members is really the crux of the video," says Tristan on the video.

"There are all of these people around me - interacting, putting themselves out there to try and find some solace. I’m not partaking in any of that. I’m caught in my own world running on the fumes of my own melodrama. Revelling in the sadness. It’s a visualisation of the behaviour I was prone to when the song was written. It was a reminder to myself that things didn’t have to be as hard as I was making them.

"I’m an awkward guy. Being on camera doesn’t really come naturally to me, so I’m glad I have someone I’m truly comfortable around shooting for us," he continues. "We’ve done enough of them now that it’s easier for me, and for the band. We don’t have to worry about keeping appearances over email or collating notes in a super professional manner, I’m comfortable enough to just tell Nick I looked cooked at 1m23s. I feel that it saves us a lot of time."

Awkward or not, the video is a brilliant encapsulation of Not Alone and its emphasis, and you can take a dive into the video clip below, and pre-order their forthcoming debut EP here.

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