Meet Cian Ducrot, whose new single Not Usually Like This is an emotive burst of pop

Meet Cian Ducrot, whose new single Not Usually Like This is an emotive burst of pop

The Irish musician is the latest addition to Darkroom, soon becoming one of our favourite label hubs for forward-thinking music.

Header image by Jennifer McCord.

Many would know US-based label Darkroom Records as being the home of Billie Eilish, but the truth is that the label is actually home to some of the most forward-thinking pop musicians there is at the moment, including but certainly not limited to their chart-topping pop heavyweight. Take Oliver Malcolm, for example - whose warping combination of pop and hip-hop has become one of our favourites of the last year - or Max Leone, who we introduced the world to a full year ago now

Irish musician Cian Ducrot is their latest signing, and it's not too difficult to work out why the Cork-raised, London/LA-based musician is so natural to the label's ranks. Built from a background in classical music and rich instrumentation, the musician forges the rich orchestral emotion he grew up on together with cathartic, almost alt-like pop music, partly synonymous with this exciting, internet-raised new generation of pop musicians led by heavyweights like Lauv and Jeremy Zucker.

Not Usually Like This is the perfect example of that too. It sees him dive deep into his history, reflecting on his youth and turning it into this therapeutic burst of tender, emotional pop music. Accompanied by a subtle, yet at-times swelling production underneath, Not Usually Like This feels like Cian Ducrot at his most authentic, capturing the songwriting and lyricism that makes him such a force to be watched internationally over the year ahead.

"Not Usually Like This was the first time that I really dug into my past and was able to go to a place and write a song about something that I previously wouldn't have been able to put into words," he says on the single; something that you can feel right down in the core of the track's lyrics. "It was both difficult and easy, but I learned a lot from writing this song."

There's no doubt plenty more to come, but we'll leave Cian and his music to do the rest of the talking for now. Take a dive into Not Usually Like This below, and better introduce yourself to the rising star underneath that:

Tell us about yourself?

Hey! I’m Cian Ducrot and I’m a singer/songwriter/producer from Ireland!

What’s your music like? What does it sound like? What kind of themes does it usually cover?

That’s a big question... I could say just listen to it but I’ll try my best to answer! It’s raw and real and emotional and a piece of me. I tell stories of my life or those of others that have really moved me. I cover the entire scale of emotions and experiences of being human... I’m hoping that it sounds classic with a twist of modern!

What are your production and writing processes usually like?

They’re LOOONNNGGG... Writing the songs happens pretty quickly when I’m very inspired and I tend to only write when I’m inspired!! Producing them is a whole other ball game. Really it’s hours and days and weeks or months of work. There are so many options and endless ideas that can come to life! Doing it 100% myself makes it challenging but It’s an amazing process that can sometimes be scary as I try to meet such high expectations of myself for my music and my production.

It’s difficult when you’ve been producing for 5 years and you know your music is sitting next to artists with producers who’ve been at it for 5 times that amount!! So with that in mind, I’m always trying to outdo myself but also do what’s best for the music and what feels real from my heart!

Can you tell us a bit about this new single, Not Usually Like This?

Not Usually Like This is a song a wrote about a heartbreak I experienced. I was madly in love and it ended really badly with the girl ending up with my best friend after she left me.. sounds sad but I really enjoyed writing the song a few years later as a reflection on that time!

What do you have planned for 2021?

I guess there isn’t much we can plan in the current state of the world.. but there is A LOT of music coming!!

What do you want people to take away from your work?

That it’s true and real and is a big part of me. I hope they feel something special when they listen to my music

Where can we find more of your music?

Everywhere!! All platforms from Spotify to Amazon to YouTube!!


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