Premiere: Tram Cops continues to soar with another album tease, Happy As Can Be

Premiere: Tram Cops continues to soar with another album tease, Happy As Can Be

The Melbourne-based musician, who is quickly becoming a cult favourite, will share a new record later this year.

After following his work for a while now, a couple of months ago presented us with the opportunity to finally introduce ourselves to Tram Cops: the Melbourne-based musical project of Michael Vince Moin, who at the time, was teasing a new record with its first single, California Way. It was a dizzying, quick-paced return from the cult-adored musician that showcased his knack for crafty productions somehow both nostalgic for 90s dream-pop but also forward-thinking modern, placing thick rhythms side-by-side with gentle, bedroom-pop melodies as he brings together genres and sounds in an incomparable way. 

It was the first taste of his album of the same nameCalifornia Way, and a tease that his next work may be his best to-date - something we're now able to further cement with its second song, Happy As Can Be. Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its national release tomorrow, Happy As Can Be is a jangly return from Tram Cops that sees Michael Vince Moin open up - his lyricism marked with a certain vulnerability as his vocals fall around sounds that navigate the bridging gap between harmonic bedroom pop and captivating indie; shimmering pop hooks cutting through rich guitar melodies.

"Much like a 70’s-inspired love song, this track is filled with jangly guitars, dreamy rhodes and some nice vocal harmonies," he says on the track, which was written alongside Japanese Wallpaper - much like California Way before it. "The essence, ecstasy and heartbreak of love is reflected through lyrics and melodies that are earnest and catchy. After years of not being very kind to myself, I think I tried to write this song to me. It’s an honest track."

There's plenty more to come too: California Way is scheduled to arrive later this year, and considering Tram Cops' presence as one of Melbourne's best new-coming live acts, it wouldn't surprise us to see a bunch of tour dates incoming too. In the meantime, however, dive into Happy As Can Be below, and stay tuned for what's to come.

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