Premiere: The Paddy Cakes make a return with new single, They Make It Look So Easy

Premiere: The Paddy Cakes make a return with new single, They Make It Look So Easy

After sharing a breakthrough debut EP in 2019 and a few singles since, the Gippsland group level up with their 2021 return.

Header image by Blake Bourne.

The last few years have been big for Victorian-based trio The Paddy Cakes. After making a debut back in 2017, they drip-fed a series of singles that showcased their continued evolution and growth, eventually leading to the release of a breakthrough, five-track debut EP in 2019 titled Broken At Best. It was a collection of songs that further solidified the group as newcoming favourites in the indie-rock world, something cemented even more-so on the live stage, where the group's britpop-inspired sound blossoms into ruckus-inducing energy.

With the absence of live shows last year, The Paddy Cakes went back into the studio to work on material still coming, with a glimpse of it being shown through their returning single YOURS. Now, with a new single titled They Make It Look Easy, The Paddy Cakes make it two-from-two, ensuring that their laborious past year in the studio is worth it.

Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow, May 14th, They Make It Look Easy is a bright-eyed brit-pop classic reinvented for 2021, capturing the charm of their distinctive sound and bringing it forward to a new, shiny era - something that's present right down to the confidence in how the group carry themselves, something which you can see amongst their charging melodies on They Make It Look Easy. Recorded alongside Holy Holy's Oscar Dawson, who really brought the best out of the group: "It was recorded and produced by Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson who left his trademark on the tune and really brought the best out of us in the studio," the band say.

It's a catchy return for the group, one that picks up the energy while keeping their lyricism present in the forefront, and as frontman Dalton Tripodi explain, They Make It Look So Easy is no exception. "This song is about breaking free of routine, wanting to mix things up in your life and not getting stuck doing the same thing every day just because it’s the easiest option," he says.

You can take a dive into the single below as it premieres on Pilerats today, and stay tuned for more to no doubt come later in the year - it's going to be a big time for The Paddy Cakes.

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