Listen to Body Type’s angst-filled Sex & Rage

Listen to Body Type’s angst-filled Sex & Rage

Sydney based all-female outfit spark a new era with indie-rock-punk euphoria.

Photo by Ellen Virgona

It’s been a while since we heard from fierce indie rockers Body Type, their pop-shaded self titled EP from 2019 exciting us as newcomers to watch - and rightfully so as the fire up for a huge year in 2022. The dawning of a new era approaches for the group, with the release of a new single out today, accompanied by the announcement of an album Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Suprising releasing through their recently-signed to label Poison City Records (Camp Cope, Mod Con, Cable Ties). 

The latest track Sex & Rage named after and dedicated to Eve Babitz’s cult novel, is hinted as a predesessor of what to expect when the album drops. Starting out with coltish drums, as whining guitars scream and drive the track into a high-energy foot-stomping indie rock punk euphoria. Commanding sass-tinged vocals deliver playful and powerful lyricism in a beautifully melodic, yet savagely unapologetic way. On the song, vocalist Sophie explains that "Sex & Rage is a reflection on finding passion amidst feverish banality. When you are uninspired, when you feel sad that the general public would rather look at their phone screens than what's hanging on the walls of the Louvre; when lovers leave you just like they always do and everything feels like a cliché - remember the feelings that set you aflame, and the things that make those feelings happen. For me, it's Body Type and cryptic crosswords."

Accompanied by a video that perfectly captures “an overabundance of unorthodox, freakish human beauty, but have it stop before total chaos” - described by music video director Madeline Purdy, it's a captivating piece that coincides with extremes depicted sonically in the single. 

Igniting the fire for the albums release on May 20, 2022, delve into the passionate release Sex & Rage below: 


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