Songs Worth Streaming: Camp Cope - Running with the Hurricane

Songs Worth Streaming: Camp Cope - Running with the Hurricane

The Melbourne based trio enter a new era, releasing a dynamic powerhouse of a title track from their forthcoming album.

As 2021 started coming to an end, Melbourne based trio Camp Cope started a new beginning gracing us with the single Blue, after taking a three-year long break from touring and releasing music to focus on their writing and sound. The process evidently paid off, the outfit revolutionising their sound to create a single that maintained the adored signature sounds of a Camp Cope track, with an added depth and richness that comes from understanding yourself as an artist and your bandmates as a collective of artists. To follow on, the group today released their second single from their forthcoming album: Running with the Hurricane, the title track for the highly anticipated album which will be out in the world on Friday March 25 via Poison City Records. The familiarity of the name is intentional, coming from the Redgum song of the same title as a nod to singer-songwriter-guitarist Georgia’s late father. 

For those of you who have been following Camp Cope since their humble beginning of home job tattoos and their self titled debut in 2016, you understand the evolution of the collective so far, both musically and personally in lyrical content. Running with the Hurricane is the next chapter, and spoiler alert - it’s a triumphant one. Georgia Maq describes the journey so far as “The first record was us diving into whatever Camp Cope created, the second album was us when we were in the thick of it, and then this album is about how we’ve come out the other side. And we’ve come out stronger, more loving, more peaceful and better friends.” 

While we wait for the full ten-track release, Running with the Hurricane (single) provides a bite-sized taste of the complex interiority we can expect to grace our ears come late May. Straight up the track starts off with a genuine rawness. Clean meaningful guitar strums set a somber mood that is quickly scooped up and carried along in the comforting arms of the rest of the band, who drop in one at a time to build the ideal foundation for the vocals to soar. The first wind of sheer power exerted when the line “comparing the best parts of you to the worst in myself” fires up. Riddled with opportunities that showcase the bands seamless dynamics, Kelly-Dawn’s bass feels as direct as ever, Sarah’s drumming powerful without being obnoxious, and Georgia’s belting vocals emotional, moving, and believable in every single word and oooo.    

The new era of Camp Cope is rooted in a love and appreciation for friends and home, the group's philosophy described by Kelly-Dawn as to “just do something that makes us happy and might make other people feel good too.” To keep by this ethos, and sweeten the forthcoming album just a little further, Running with the Hurricane (album) features guest appearances from the trio's friends Courtney Barnett and Shauna Boyle (Cable Ties), who provide additional instrumentation on track one: Caroline and ten: Sing Your Heart Out, and track three: One Wink at A Time respectively.

We cannot wait until the album drops March 25th, but until then bask in Camp Cope's latest single Running with the Hurricane below. 


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