Premiere: Pinkish Blu drop the clip for Red Hot Moon, new EP out this May

Premiere: Pinkish Blu drop the clip for Red Hot Moon, new EP out this May

The Adelaide group - a band you should be keeping an eye on - will share THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOOD PEOPLE, on May 22nd.

2020 is gearing up to be Pinkish Blu's biggest year yet, and that's saying something. Since their spectacular 2018 break-out Lovely, the Adelaide four-piece have become a voice of the next generation, specialising in a charming, versatile indie-electronica that feels like the perfect accompaniment to a coming of age film; singles such as last year's Superstar and Coupon doubling down on their M83-reminiscent sound, and crafting them a name as an artist to watch in 2020.

In 2020, however, everything's coming up Pinkish Blu. This May, they'll share their debut EP THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOOD PEOPLE via their new home at Sony sub-label 123 Music, and are preluding it with singles that encapsulate that almost-indescribable charm to Pinkish Blu, and how their sound is proving one of the most anthemic in Australia's live music sphere.

If Red Hot Moon - the EP's first latest teasing single and Pinkish Blu's first single for 2020 - is anything to go by, then THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOOD PEOPLE is a release that's almost certain to take Pinkish Blu to the next stage of their career. It's a dreamy, washed-out affair that cements their comparatives to M83 and The 1975, capturing that indie-electronica sound that the former band helped define over the last decade, while the latter act - one of the biggest 'indie' acts in the world - represent this sound's next generation, something Pinkish Blu is sure to stand amongst in a few years time.

"The whole song can be boiled down to an event that happened in the span of about 1 minute," says the band's Brice Young on the song. "Obviously there’s metaphor all throughout the song but the actual inspiration comes from a fragment of time. One small moment can really be a profound thing, the heightened state of emotion one can be in while in a short timeframe can repel any sort of logic or rationale. Which can obviously be a dangerous thing but it’s also quite a cool thing in my opinion. To really be in the moment and almost oblivious to the immediate or distant past and future; those are the movie moments. Where the background blurs. Whether they’re basically irrelevant afterward or a precursor to something bigger, those moment are also they’re own thing."

Today, however, we're premiering the video clip to Red Hot Moon a day early, giving a sneaky preview to the band's next movements as they strive and thrive towards the release of their new EP. Filmed in the countryside, it's a clip that highlights the DIY-esque capabilities of Pinkish Blu, with the band's creative freedom shining through their ability to create ongoing plot lines in their videos all brainstormed, directed, shot and edited by Pinkish Blu themselves (or, more specifically, their drummer Luke Franceschini).

"This is the first [Pinkish Blu] music vid that I’ve made pretty much by myself (shot, directed and edited) with the help of a small but great crew on what felt like the hottest weekend ever haha," Franceschini says in a quote about the video clip. "I’ve always been inspired by artists that lean into multiple creative avenues so to be able to do this is a blessing."

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOOD PEOPLE arrives on May 22nd (you can pre-order the EP here), but in the meantime, dive into the clip for Red Hot Moon below:

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