Premiere: Timi Temple carves a lo-fi dream in new single, Fa-Fa-Fading

Premiere: Timi Temple carves a lo-fi dream in new single, Fa-Fa-Fading

In a consistent stream of singles ever since his PHUZZ BOY EP in 2018, the Sydney-based musician continues to experiment within indie-rock realms.

Timi Temple is on a roll. After a string of singles introduced the project to the world throughout 2017, the Sydney-based musician took things to the next level with the release of his debut EP PHUZZ BOY, a collection of five tracks back in 2018 that highlighted his growing lists of strengths displayed throughout the years, while taking a look forward to future paths he may travel down. In the twelve months since, we've been lucky enough to hear some of those paths: a rock-y two-side early last year, the punchy pop-rock of Tomorrow Is Yesterday, the Arctic Monkeys-esque brit-rock of Quick Words, Long Trouble - each track showcasing his versatility and range within the rock sound.

In 2020, that appears to continue. One thing that has made itself known across Timi Temple's career is that no matter what sound he experiments with, he always excels - and that's something that rings true for his new one, Fa-Fa-Fading, too. Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release this Friday, Fa-Fa-Fading is a washed-out dream that once again sees the Temple switch things up, moving away from the more anthemic, hard-footed rock sound that has defined his work over much of the last twelve months in favour of something a little more subtle and soft.

It, in every way, pays off too. Fa-Fa-Fading is a literal dream; a soft-sung haze of melodies and harmonies that unite for this cloudy, dream-pop sound that still bites with the Timi Temple-esque crunch, albeit in a slightly different way than usual. It's rich with the DIY charm that defines much of what Timi Temple does, whether it's from the raw grit that comes through tracks like Fa-Fa-Fading, or the literal do-it-yourself attitude that comes with the single being entirely self-made - a note to Timi Temple's multi-disciplinary status as a musician.

"Fa-fa-fading is pretty much the soundtrack to my first few months of life post long-term breakup," Timi says on the track, hinting at the darker vocal that sits above the swirling, comparatively stripped-back instrumental. "There wasn't a single activity I could do where I wasn't reminded of my ex. From mundane things such as walking my dog to friends asking where my 'former' half was, and eventually it frustrated me to the point where this song popped out. Surprisingly, during the cathartic course of writing this song, having my memories down on 'paper' meant I was haunted by them less and less in real life."

There's plenty to love here, and with plenty more to come throughout the year's out, it's clear that 2020 is going to be another great year for Timi Temple. Dive into the track below:

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