Meet: Dutch Mustard - An Interpretation of Depersonalisation

Meet: Dutch Mustard - An Interpretation of Depersonalisation

Get to know exciting emerging London-based artist Sarah-Jayne Riedel’s alt rock project

Dropping impressive debut single Weeping Willow back in 2019, a locked-down London was the impetus for Sarah-Jayne Riedel to further her body of work as Dutch Mustard, writing and recording her new EP of psychedelic, shoegaze influenced alternative rock, An Interpretation of Depersonalisation. 

Across five tracks Riedel covers much ground in the aforementioned genres, striking the balance of nostalgia and modern sounds without falling into cliches or overplayed tropes, with Riedel saying there was “no pretences, no rules. Just me, my little midi keyboard, and guitars” - what more do you need!

Give An Interpretation of Depersonalisation a spin and get to know Dutch Mustard as she tells us a bit about herself below:


Tell us about yourself?

Hello! My name is Sarah-Jayne and I’m 25 years old. I’m based in London and have been for several years. When I’m not writing or working on music, I run like the wind! I also practice yoga daily. These are a couple of measures I have to take so I don’t get stuck in the madness of the songwriting world. Going to gigs, dancing with pals and seeing my family are also some of my favourite things. I very much enjoy cooking and reading too.

When did you start making music? 

When I was 8 years old my dad rented School Of Rock on DVD, and I wanted to be Zac Mooneyham. I like to think I succeeded… Very soon after I started learning guitar, I discovered that I loved singing too and started writing songs at 10 years old. I should have some recordings of these somewhere! Very funny listening back now. Who knew 10 year olds struggled with romance!

Tell us about your creative process? 

When I was younger I spent a lot of time learning other artists’ songs, but I’d just get distracted. I’d learn something new on guitar, which then made me want to explore what I’d learnt and use it to make something of my own. I still do this now. When something inspires me, it hits hard. I can’t rest until I’ve recorded the idea, whether it's on my voice notes on my phone or a proper put together demo. 

It’s like being addicted to something. I must always get the idea out of my head. Sometimes I start with a drum beat, other times a guitar riff, bass line or vocal melody and recently I wrote a song where lyrics came first, for the first time. 

I demo everything in my bedroom, most instruments, and then take the session to the studio and a second set of ears (producer/engineer) and ask other musicians to play on the tracks, to get an authentic feel/groove. I love working in the studio. It’s my favourite place to be.

Tell us about your new EP? 

The collection of songs on An Interpretation Of Depersonalisation were all written during the first lock down. Where I discovered a lot of truths, and experienced huge realisations about myself, and the world we live in, and also the world I thought I was stuck in. 

I wanted to make sure, when writing these songs, that I was catering for people with different palates. You’ve got A Song For Dreamers which is hopeful, and nostalgic giving off huge shoegaze influences. Don’t You Worry to carry you through tough days, with a dream pop / rock feel. Magnifique for mystery and seduction, with a hip hop inspired drum beat, and a darker energy.

Something To You, where insecurity is overcome through the power of equality. Staying close to the Shoegaze vibe. What The People Want an 808 drum machine met by gritty guitars. A song to help blow off some steam, written for fellow head bangers. This EP is about experimentation and self-actualization.

How can fans best support your music? 

The best way for fans to support me is by streaming the songs and coming to shows. :)

What's coming up for the rest of the year?

This year looks like it’s gonna get filled with new recordings, and hopefully some festivals. We have our first show of the year March 2nd at The Lexington, London, which is the EP launch. It would be amazing to release more new music before the end of the year, but I can’t make any promises at this stage. Definitely working towards it though as the material is ready for the studio!

What have you been listening to lately?

Nine Inch Nails, POND, Jessica Winter, LCD Soundsystem to name a few.

I always find my way back to Talking Heads, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine every few weeks, no matter how many times I’ve listened to the records. They just never get old to me.

Dutch Mustard’s new EP An Interpretation of Depersonalization is out now via Bad Influence Records

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