Premiere: WHARVES unleash new tune Hard To Let Go, announce dinner party

Premiere: WHARVES unleash new tune Hard To Let Go, announce dinner party

The Lennox Head four-piece continue to strive with their second single of the year, with plenty more on the way.

Over the last few years, it's become apparent that WHARVES are worthy of your attention. The New South Wales four-piece have blossomed into faces of Australian indie-rock's future, with a string of work they've put out since 2017 - and a few tracks here and there before then - seeing the Lennox Head group continually evolve and grow within their craft, whether it be through EPs such as their 2018 Sooner or Later or the run of consistent singles that sit either side of it.

They're a group that consistently keep you on your toes, with each track furthering their versatility and musical depth as they explore new waters, veering between this distinctly Australian indie-rock sound at the core of their work, and flashes of punk and pop and pub-rock that come and go amongst their discography. Take their last single, the March-released Nothing Left To Say, for example. It's dizzying indie but a little more upbeat and punchy than what's commonly associated with the sub-genre; the melodies and hooks amplified in a pop-like fashion, but with a bit of grit and dirt underneath it that distances it from the genre simultaneously. It's just a fun ol' time, and that's what matters.

Their new single Hard To Let Go keeps this continuing, doubling down on this more pop-rooted sound but once again, incorporating a few different elements in it that stop it from being a head-first foray into the world of commercialism. From the get-go, it's quick to pick up how Hard To Let Go stands out from the WHARVES discography. It's a little more subtle and relaxed; the grit and dirt of their previous work swapped out for these beachy, wind-swept melodies that really suit the band's sound, while the continued emphasis on choruses and songwriting creates this hazy backdrop that frontman Matt Collins dances amongst.

However, there's an edge of nostalgia present too, with the group including some nods to past greats of Australian pop-rock - INXS is name-dropped as an example, for instance - that really takes it in an unpaved direction. "We really feel we are nailing down our own unique sound with this tune," says Matt on the single. "With Hard To Let Go and we hope our audience will love it too. We had some fun with this track and definitely did not shy away from the pop-infused elements including a blend of acoustic and 707 electronic drums inspired by INXS use of that technique on their 1987 album Kick."

The new single comes with an official video clip by close friend Mackinnon Walker, and news of a dinner party-esque event to be held over on their Instagram: "Come and join us from the comfort of your living room as we cook you dinner (virtual), talk bout the song and just hang out," they say. You can find more details on that here, but in the meantime, take a dive into Hard To Let Go below, and stay tuned for plenty more on the way.


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