Premiere: Siobhan Cotchin is striving with her new single, Just The Way It Is

Premiere: Siobhan Cotchin is striving with her new single, Just The Way It Is

The past few months have been a busy one for the Perth-based songwriter, who is quickly capturing national attention.

When we last took a look at Siobhan Cotchin - two months ago, for her single Do You Know What I Mean? - everything was looking promising. She was on the cusp of a country-pop explosion fuelled by Kacey Musgraves and a reunited Dixie Chicks - now simply The Chicks - that back in West Australia, was allowing her to blossom with a new career trajectory that seems to open her trajectory ten-fold; the musician finding herself a WAM Song of the Year Award amongst accolades that stretch from simply exciting, to fitting for someone with the potential to be a break-out artist around the country.

However, in the last two months, something has shifted. Since sharing her last single, she's scored herself another WAM Song of the Year Award nomination for her debut single Tear Myself Apart - which this year, is nominated in both the country and rock categories - and found herself labelled as one-to-watch by basically everyone who sees the potential of her charm and high-tier songwriting; triple j Unearthed, for example, going on to announce Cotchin as one of their favourite ten discoveries of the year so far.

Now, she's riding the wave of momentum with another single, titled Just The Way It Is. It's an intimate, slowly-strung effort from the musician whose seemingly at her most emotive and passionate, with her vocals growing from a soft, whisper-like grace to something far more commanding and charged-up in the single's more climactic last choruses. There's an unleashing of power that comes in that latter part - you really get the sense that Cotchin is letting everything go with that moment - and as she soars above the gentle, rock-aligned instrumental underneath, it's hard not too carry some of that emotional release with you - and it keeps you coming back for more.

"This song is about the fragility of all human relationships, platonic or romantic," she says on the track, which really cements her storytelling abilities and her strengths in bringing intimate snapshots to life through powerful songwriting. "No matter how hard you
both try, sometimes there’s a breaking point and two people go from hanging out all the time to becoming strangers. It’s about finding the people that will stay."

It's really quite magical - much like everything else Siobhan Cotchin does - and with everyone else now paying attention, it's clear she's going to climb into the upper echelon of Australian songwriters very shortly.

In the meantime, however, take a dive into the new single below as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its release on July 11th, and stay tuned for more in the pipeline soon:

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