Premiere: PLANET continue their momentum with new song, Reason Why

Premiere: PLANET continue their momentum with new song, Reason Why

The Sydney-based group share a riff-filled new epic off the back of a big UK tour, where they're quickly building an audience.

Over the last few years, Sydney-based group PLANET have grown to become an unexpected success story of the Australian rock scene, becoming not just a force at home - where they're about to tour with Gyroscope and have quickly built a cult-like audience - but also in the UK, where they just returned from and where the group are finding an audience growing just as fast. It's a rare jump into international waters for a group gaining steam so quickly, but just proof that when it comes to their work both recorded and live, PLANET are presenting something fresh and exciting.

This excitement and energy was something front-and-centre on their 2018 EP Waking Eight - five tracks that showcase the band as they begin to find their footings into a sound both pop-leaning yet also quite heavy on indie mannerisms and guitar riffs - and something that grabbed our attention with their first single sinceJuly's Never New. "I guess at the core it's indie-rock with a lot of pop influences," explained their lead guitarist Tom at the time, in an interview with us. "We like the tracks to have a bit of a grungy feel to them with Matty's vocals sitting up front, driving the music with pure pop melodies."

Their new single Reason Why is a step into a heavier direction for the group, contrasting their more indie-pop shadings with strong, dominative guitar riffs that really take a step up; this light and heavy contrast showcasing the two sides of the band and their ability to swerve between the two - even within one song. "I wrote Reason Why about five years ago," explains PLANET frontman Matty Took on the track. "Lyrically it’s all about uncertainty, imbalance, mental confusion and being uninspired. Melodically, it is dreamy and flowing, which counteracts with the duelling riff that smacks you in the face."

Reason Why comes at a good time for the band, who are quickly stepping up to be our next indie-rock export as international audiences begin to treasure the acts yet to really find ground back home - a sign that Australian music is well and truly where it's at. They recently wrapped up a tour with DZ Deathrays in the UK, and have a handful of dates to be announced around the country in addition to their shows with Gyroscope. In the meantime, however, dive into Reason Why ahead of its full release tomorrow:


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