Premiere: Watch the video for Amaya Laucirica's chill new single, All Of Our Time

Premiere: Watch the video for Amaya Laucirica's chill new single, All Of Our Time

It's the second single from her forthcoming album Rituals, due March 2.

With her new album Rituals due March 2, Amaya Laucirica has unveiled its dreamy second single, All Of Our Time, with an equally wistful new video clip. The video has a hazy, nostalgia-drenched feel that perfectly suits the track's balladry, with lyrical content delving into the intricacies of long term relationships: "The weakness is that the spontaneity disappears and the fire needs to be reignited over time. The strength is that their love has the patience to endure this time."

Hit play on the video below, and keep your ears peeled for that March 2 release date, where it drops via her new International label Opposite Number, before she heads on a UK/Europe tour.

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