Premiere: Venice Queens keep 'em coming with new single, Royalty

Premiere: Venice Queens keep 'em coming with new single, Royalty

Arriving with an official video clip, the track sees the Adelaide group continue to climb.

Those already familiar with the bustling live music world in Adelaide may have come across Venice Queen already, with the five-piece blossoming into a hometown favourite as they support acts like Kingswood and Lime Cordiale amongst sold-out shows of their own. Listening to their work, it's not too hard to work out why either. Since crashing onto the scene as ones to watch in 2017, the group have time and time again elevated themselves, using an EP - their self-titled debut came out in 2018 - and singles to showcase their knack for crafting high-tier, high-ferocity alt-pop.

Take their work across the last twelve months, for example. Home saw the group descend into almost-ballad territory, encapsulating the charm of stirring brit-pop favourites like Oasis that on their other single of last year, Eddie's Castle, picks up the tempo to a snarling cry, moreso in-line with groups like Arctic Monkeys. Punchdrunk, their first and only track for 2020 (so far), continued this trend for more high-energy alt-pop, capturing the energy of their work at its most upbeat but moving it forward into a new era, taking their learnings and evolution as they go.

Now, with a new single Royalty, Venice Queens' future as an exciting act to keep an eye on in the year ahead is feeling more cemented than ever. It's a pacing, constantly driving affair that once again feels more on the upbeat side of their work; a sense of driving focus underlying the rhythms that keep everything in check, all while showing how much the band have grown and matured even in the space of twelve months. Throw a few racing guitar lines and a whole heap of rich lyricism, and it's clear that Venice Queens aren't here to play around.

"This isn’t a song about giving up. This is about the realisation that we can use our growing platform to speak up and hopefully, eventually, help to inspire change. Music is such a wonderful avenue through which to communicate and show solidarity with those not being treated justly or equally," the group say on the song, before guitarist Anthony Parisotto explains the track's creation: "It was actually based pretty heavily on Dragon Attack, by Queen. I had a big phase with that album (The Game) a while back and one day when I was playing around with a loop pedal, I threw together the bass and guitar riffs that make up the verse groove."

It also arrives with an official video clip directed by Harry Nelli, who explains how he had to build a montage-style clip after original ideas weren't possible due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. "Due to the COVID restrictions we had to decipher a way we could do a video that would involve as little interaction as possible," he says. "We’d had the idea of a good vs evil montage for a while and there was no better song to fit that theme to than Royalty. The video is a representation of where there’s bad and hardship in the world there is generally good and we feel as a group that this has been represented in a large way throughout 2020 in particular.

"We hope that the people of the world see the light the same way we do, no matter how tough times get."

Dive into the clip below, and keep an eye on the group in the latter half of 2020 - they've got a lot to say with their music, and it's about time people start to catch on.

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