Video Premiere: Worm Girlz - Dirt

Video Premiere: Worm Girlz - Dirt

Meanjin-based five-piece follow-up their catchy & empowering debut single with a fun & fuzzy music video - take a first watch

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After having made a name for themselves on live stages around Brisbane, as well as having supported the likes of Carla Geneve and Haters, Worm Girlz recently unveiled their debut single of anthemic indie rock sounds with an important message, Dirt. Now the band have readied an accompanying music video, premiering on Pilerats today.

The inspiration for Dirt comes from an unfortunate place as it says a big f-you to people who act inappropriately at live shows, with the band strong advocates for promoting safe spaces and ensuring the safety and comfort of women and members of the LGBTIA+ community at live shows.

Jade from Worm Girlz explains “I am so sick of feeling uncomfortable at gigs, I am sick of hearing that other people are feeling uncomfortable at gigs. Dirt is a big eff off to anyone that thinks it is okay to ignore boundaries and touch people without their consent.”

Meanwhile, the music video for Dirt is shot in nostalgic, fuzzy VHS style and features the band literally following the directions of the chorus to “eat dirt” around parks and the suburbs. Give Dirt a watch as it premieres on Pilerats today:

Worm Girlz's new single Dirt is out now

Dirt Single Art

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