Meet: Gimmy Flowens

Meet: Gimmy Flowens

Get to know the Northern Rivers based artist crafting moody, beautiful bluesy alt-folk and her emotional new music video “Vulnerable”

Three months on from dropping her impressive debut EP Trying, Gemma Owens AKA Gimmy Flowens follows it up with a touching and enchanting video for Vulnerable, premiering today on Pilerats. Exploring the mother-daughter dynamic in the video, featuring her own mother, the video tells an affecting narrative of “an older version of oneself expressing unconditional love and support for the present self, a connection that is capable of withstanding the most turbulent of life events” - something we all need a reminder of in tough times.

Featuring her own mother Lesley, the family element of the video runs deeper with Gemma’s brother Gareth shooting the video on super 8mm to give it that authentic, appropriately vintage touch. To celebrate the release of the video, we thought now was the time to get to know Gimmy Flowens and the story behind the video a bit better.

Tell us about yourself?

I am a 25 year old lady, living in the Northern Rivers. My life is pretty lush, a lot of the time I am creating whether that’s writing music or painting, that’s what I love to do the most. I start most of my mornings with meditation. Then the rest of the time I immerse myself in surfing or being in the ocean (pre northern rivers floods), jamming with the Oogars, travelling around in my van, catching up with mates for a schooey or crafter-noon. I make my pennies through disability support work which is a super fulfilling way to make a living. My passion is about keeping healthy and creating a life you love - no such thing as mondayitis.

When and why did you start writing/recording/performing music?

Creating music came early in life for me, when I was about 11 years old. Looking back now, it was a form of therapy for me to express how I was feeling, and it still is. Since then I have always wanted to be a musician and performer. I was super shy though, I wouldn’t show anyone. Until I mustered up the courage to play down in a local micro brewery in the small town I grew up when I was 18. It was a huge shift for me, about 70 people came down and packed out this tiny pub to watch me barefoot sing some songs I'd been making in my bedroom for years. From then I haven’t looked back. The community support gave me so much courage to continue seeing where music would take me. 

Tell us about your creative process? 

Well first of all, like when I was young, I have to be alone to get in the zone. Most of the time I start with guitar, then I try and sink into the feeling and let my mouth spew whatever words it needs to. My emotions are almost like a separate identity from my thinking mind. When I allow myself to fully surrender to whatever words need to come out the song creates itself only through me. Often, it's like my subconscious mind has helped me clarify how I am feeling. All songs are sparked from a strong emotion.

Tell us about your new video for Vulnerable?

The concept is based upon me and my older self (Actress: My Mother, Lesley Owens). It is to demonstrate that throughout life, my older self is holding me and is there with me through all insecurities and fears. The song was inspired through my experience of opening myself to a new love, which is executed through a fearful perspective.  In saying that, I definitely added some quirks as a reflection of my playful personality to indicate that allowing others to see your full dork is a beautiful thing. I intended to inspire a state of self reflection and nostalgia.  I really aimed for a raw feel to match the feeling of vulnerability through the contrast of moody, outdoor, exposed spaces.

The film was co-created with my brother Gareth Owens, shot on Super 8mm film format. 

How can fans best support your music?

Best way of supporting is following my instagram to keep updated with new releases of music and merch. I'm always quite pro active in sharing new creations, upcoming shows or new merchandise. 

What's coming up for the rest of the year? 

I have a few tracks I’m keen to get in the studio with, some mellow and some energetic. I've also been working on a 5 piece painting collection that I'm excited to share hopefully by mid year. Us Oogar girls also have some fun new things up our sleeves, so I'll be busy writing with the girls as well. Lots of new creations coming. 

What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been really loving listening to Maple Glider and LaLuz in different moods sitting on the balcony with my headphones in looking at the trees.

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