Premiere: Go Dog Go introduce themselves with a cover of Joy Division's Isolation

Premiere: Go Dog Go introduce themselves with a cover of Joy Division's Isolation

The Melbourne-based four-piece push forwards their genre-bending sound with an excellent cover of a Joy Division cult-classic.

Although they've yet to even put out a debut single (until today), it's clear there's something special in Melbourne-based outfit Go Dog Go. They're a collection of four close friends from rural Victoria – they've since relocated to Melbourne, however – that have bonded over an approach to music that is both boundary-pushing and unconventional; blurring sounds together and creating a melting pot of influences that feels distinct to them, even so early on in their career. It's something that's been highlighting in their winding live shows, which are obviously on pause at the moment, but are definitely one to keep an eye on as live music makes a comeback hopefully later in the year.

In the meantime, the four-piece have decided to finally make an entrance into releasing music of their own – kind-of – kicking it off with a cover that seemingly sums up the whole isolation era they're about to re-enter again. Their debut release is cover of Joy Division's impeccable single Isolation, which provides the perfect vessel for the group to not only introduce themselves, but introduce the people and bands that have helped built who they are today, of which Joy Division is seemingly one.

Their cover of Isolation is both a perfect reimagining of the original and also a chance to extend the foundations of it simultaneously; Go Dog Go doing what they do best in taking a known, recognisable sound and twisting it on its head. Take this cover, for example. It's a spiralling mix of synthetic and organic instrumentation; rushing synth lines and pacing percussion dancing together in an almost B-52's-esque opening, before the group's frontman Charlie Bowmaker brings Ian Curtis' original vocal a new life.

The cover's most climactic and joyful moment, however, comes in the form of a break-down nestled just after the second chorus, which sees the single enter this state of spiralling mania as melodic layers gradually build on top of one another. It's a crescendoing moment that takes the track on a long-winding journey to its final burst of energy, bringing a really distinct and unique edge to the track that feels synonymous with what Go Dog Go which to do with the project as a whole.

As you can maybe guess, the cover is inspired by the recent bout of isolation for the group, which are readying to re-enter lockdown after continued outbreaks over the last week. "The four of us have been playing together for a couple of years now, so after being forced into isolation and lockdown making this track was a great way to continue playing music together from our own homes," the say on the cover. "We’re really proud of how the song has come together and we are excited to share it with the people."

Take a dive into the cover below, or click through here to check it out too:

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