Video Premiere: Burr Oak - 'Rainclouds'

Video Premiere: Burr Oak - 'Rainclouds'

Chicago indie rockers announce new concept EP with atmospheric & emotional single and award winning music video

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The brainchild of songwriter Savanna Dickhut (Varsity, Jackie Hayes) and drummer and co-songwriter Tony Mest (Jackie Hayes, Rat Tally, Girl K), Burr Oak craft some intimate, engaging and catchy indie rock sounds, with the latest taste from the band, Rainclouds, and its music video premiering on Pilerats today!

Opening with tasty guitar strums and Savanna’s instantly engaging vocals, Rainclouds adds some hip hop style drums to the mix alongside some clever vocal processing, resulting in a build in energy and tension across the track’s nearly 4 minute run time, with different filters and effects used to great effect.

Rainclouds is the lead single from the forthcoming Annabelle EP, a concept EP that follows the story of the titular character and her personal story following the ridiculous overturning of Roe V. Wade in the USA.

Speaking on the single, the band explains “"‘Rainclouds' - track 1: 'The breakup.' This is where the story begins, a very tumultuous and emotional beginning to the 5 song EP. The characters Annabelle and Adam are introduced. They met each other, became “fast friends,” then lovers and immediately rushed into things. Too fast, too soon. After a while, Annabelle felt she was giving more than she was getting, which made her feel devalued and depleted. There were also more and more frequent moments of verbal abuse happening (by Adam) which is showcased in the narrative film.

He would pick fights with Annabelle over minor issues and make her feel like it was all her fault when she did nothing wrong. Even though she still loved him, being together was not worth being emotionally drained and devalued every day. A week later, after breaking up, Annabelle finds out that she is pregnant. Unfortunately, she is unable to get an abortion in a small town in Texas where she lives and does not have the money to travel elsewhere... she is stuck."

Meanwhile, the narrative driven music video, that has recently been nominated for "Best Music Video" at the ISFF Awards and won "Best Drama Music Video" at the Munich Music Video Awards, carries this theme into visual, cinematic form.

Working with award-winning Bouy Films to craft the visual accompaniment for Rainclouds, on the video the band says “When planning for this video in pre-production and during the two days on set working with Ricardo Bouyett (Director/Cinematographer) and Daisy Cardenas (Line Producer, Exec. Assistant, & Production Designer), we really honed in on the story that the conceptual EP is telling and since 'Rainclouds' is the first track off of the 5 song EP, we wanted to make sure listeners and fans of Burr Oak understood the message that we intended to tell sonically by connecting the visual aspect with it.

We really enjoyed working with both Ricardo and Daisy, plus incredibly talented and thoughtful actors Hayley Carbonaro (as Annabelle) and Alexander Stuart (as Adam). Ricardo already knew Hayley from working with her on previous projects and was able to find Alex through a casting call. We really got so lucky and blessed with working with these incredibly talented and dedicated people. I am so happy with how the video turned out and really proud of what we made together. I think it is telling a very important message and hopefully people will be able to connect with it on a deep level."

Dive into Rainclouds as it premieres on Pilerats:

Burr Oak's new single Rainclouds is out now

Burr Oak RAINCLOUDS artwork still taken from Ricardo Bouyett

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