Photo Diary: Go behind the scenes of I Know Leopard's national tour supporting Montaigne

Photo Diary: Go behind the scenes of I Know Leopard's national tour supporting Montaigne

Luke (vocals) narrates some rad B&W film photos from (mostly) Rosie (bass).

We love when bands send us photo diaries from their tour times. And we especially love it when they send little captions through for all the photos, because it's nice to gain a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes. And that's exactly what I Know Leopard vocalist/guitarist Luke has given us below, thanks in part to bass player Rosie bringing along a rad old school film camera to document their recent national tour support for Montaigne.

i know leopard photo diary 11

Hello. This is Luke from I Know Leopard. A few weeks ago, the insanely talented Montaigne embarked on a tour around the country and she was kind enough to have us scallywags along for the ride. Rosie bought a very fancy, very kewl old film camera recently and we took it with us to take some snaps from time to time. Here are a few for your perusal. A tour diary of sorts.

i know leopard photo diary 01

Unlike Todd and I, Jenny (left) and Rosie (right) are consummate professionals. Up to two hours before each show they run their vocal harmonies together with Ro keeping time on the bass. ‘Neeeerds!’ you might say. Todd and I definitely used to but then we realised how good they were making us look when it came to game time. They’re the best X.

i know leopard photo diary 02

Oops there’s our Jenny girl just casually being iconic backstage at The Capitol in Perth before our set. What a ledge.

i know leopard photo diary 03

There we are. A couple of boohaas (boys) at the back of our hire car loading our gear into 170 Russell in Melbourne. Todd (right) and I have been playing and touring in bands together for way too long now so we’ve got our load in/out system totally locked. Self-appointed kings of gear tetris. Thought I’d show off my set of ribs for this one. Trust me everyone, I’m not actually that skinny. Just bad inhale and angle combo. But Todd looks cool in his new Fear Factory jacket. Horns up.

i know leopard photo diary 06

Rosie looking a little salty. Probably accusing the venue of stinging her on microphone provisions. How dare they give her an SM58 over a top of the line Beta58. Such a diva. Jks.

i know leopard photo diary 07

Here’s another of us at soundcheck. I think this one was at The Triffid in Brisbane. My manic expression is most likely indicative of one of my regular pre-show paranoia episodes over the fear that half our gear won’t work. You can’t see it but there’s so many cables at our feet that it’s a similar vibe to the Well of Souls in Indiana Jones (snake reference - thank you).

i know leopard photo diary 08

Toddy re-stringing backstage in Melbourne whilst smouldering his way through the camera lens as he does. Ooh Mama.

i know leopard photo diary 09

Our lovely Rosie girl cold lampin next to some hot lampin backstage at The Metro in Sydney.

i know leopard photo diary 10

This is my favourite one. Fills my heart right up. I feel so damn lucky that on many occasions I get to join arms with my best mates and play music that we created together to a room full of people. I’m pretty sure we were taking stock of that concept when this photo was taken.

i know leopard photo diary 05

Post tour decompression. Ro and I went straight to Clovelly Beach the morning after the last show of the tour. It’s the best way to wash away any stressful feels or toxins that have accumulated during the tour. Usually only do this in the warmer months but the cheeky ol sun came out on this mid-winter morning so we did it and it was glorious. I took this pic of Ro getting her Greta Garbo on.

i know leopard photo diary 04


Fri 15 Sep - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Sat 16 Sep - Workers Club, Melbourne

Thu 21 Sep - Rolling Stone Live Lodge @ The Landsdowne, Sydney

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