Listen: Mal de Mer - Pray to You

Listen: Mal de Mer - Pray to You

An uplifting and sincere experience from the six-piece Boorloo outfit, as they tease an upcoming sophomore EP.

Boorloo outfit Mal de Mer continue going from strength to strength, as they follow on from 2021 debut EP Gone Fishing and recent singles Far Cough and Do You See Me? with their latest indie-pop jazz inspired tune Pray to You, a delightfully nostalgic track that comes along with the announcement of a sophomore EP due later this year. 

The single takes a perfect snapshot of that pure, sweet, and euphoric feeling of a new crush. Written by vocalist Saskia with the intention of remaining a “wistful bedroom song” it has evolved into so much more, with a beautiful backing featuring swirls of synths and guitars, foot-tapping beats, and grounding keys allowing sincere vocals to soar and create a dynamic and overall uplifting experience. On the track, Saskia shares When I wrote this song it was back in 2019 on my guitar- right after I had just started seeing someone new. It feels liberating to be singing this song at this point in time as I’ve had distance from the feelings I was writing about. But I also know that when I sing this song live I’m gonna feel butt naked- I don’t think we’ve ever played a song this sappy, and I don’t think we will again hahah!” 

As an emotion-filled taster of what’s to come with the six-pieces Sanguine EP, we can’t wait to hear what the rest of the year has in store. For now, feel the love and bask in the warmth Pray to You has to offer below. 

Mal de Mer’s new single Pray to You is out now.


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