Listen: Highline - Enough For You and Me

Listen: Highline - Enough For You and Me

The 4-piece deliver passionate melodies and caring for your friends in their first single for 2022.

Last year we met the alt-rock stylings of Sydney based outfit Highline intimately as they shared their story and musical journey so far. Back with a new musical offering, the group deliver a statement in their first indie-rock meets brit-pop single for 2022: Enough For You and Me    

The 4-piece are digging a little deeper into friendships, delivering a wholesome message of looking out for the ones you care for, looking out for the ones that you notice might be a bit under the weather - the chorus soaring with It’s been, a hell of a week and I’m in the mood to not think with you, Talk for hours ‘bout nothing, Drink more than we should take in, and lose our heads, just let me know.” On the track, highline shares “The song is about leaning on your friends to feel better about the mundane times in life. It’s both a celebration of friendship and the good things it can do for you as well as a reflection of when you’re not happy with the way things are going.”

With a sound pulling influence from the likes of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, and reminiscent of brit-pop-rock front-runners Catfish and the Bottlemen, melodic guitars, tight grooves, and well articulated lyrics drive the track into a whirlwind of uplifting soundscapes that tug at the heart-stings and leave you mesmerised. 

Out now, delve into the warm glow Highline has to offer with Enough For You and Me below.

Highline's new single Enough For You and Me is out now.


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