Introducing MYLK and their new single and video, Not My Fault

Introducing MYLK and their new single and video, Not My Fault

They'll be launching the track at Melbourne's Grace Darling Hotel on August 23rd.

Once a jam band between four Melbourne friends, MYLK are a group that layer light-hearted cheekiness with charming indie-rock in a similar vein to acts like Mac DeMarco. Paired with strumming guitar and catchy vocals, this light-hearted larrikin-esque-ness is an unstoppable combo that keeps their music both fun and hyper-accessible, cornering a strong market with a captivating sound and a just as captivating image.

Take their latest single Not My Fault, for example. It's a jangly indie-pop tune with layered guitar and a subtle percussive pace forming an instrumental backbone underneath catchy hooks full of that cheeky, larger-than-life charm, which as the band explain, lyrically dive into those long stints of bad luck that can sometimes get you down. "It was while jamming the song instrumentally that we just happened to sing the words ‘it’s not my fault’ to the tune of the chorus and the rest of the lyrics just came together. The lyrical content of the song is not meant to be taken super seriously at all, with the track aiming to be fun and catchy, and something to make people move," the band's lead singer Nathaniel Peacock explains on the track, which also arrives with an official video clip worked on alongside Jack Wilson-Lee of JWL Productions, which further captures their fun and energy. "The video is a bunch of small sketches where different events occur that are seemingly 'not my fault’, this idea of doing multiple lighthearted sketches was our idea from the beginning of planning the video, as well as creating the effect that the video was filmed all in one take. We wanted the video to emphasise the lyrics in the song, as they do tell somewhat of a story."

Arriving as their first single for 2019, the track positions the up-and-coming group as an exciting band worth paying attention to in the year ahead. They're launching the track and its official video clip at Melbourne's Grace Darling Hotel on August 23rd, but before it goes down, catch the clip in all its glory below, and better get to know the rising group while you're at it:

Tell us about yourself?

Mylk is a four-piece band, from Melbourne. We are four university students who just love to play and share our music with everyone. We try to have as much fun as we can, and hopefully make others groove and sing along the way.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

The music of Mylk is meant to be fun, a bit ridiculous and easy going. We want our music to be accessible and make people smile when they hear it. It is alternative rock at its simplest, but we delve into a bit of punk and some quieter folk-rock stuff too!

What are your production and writing processes like?

Typically, one of us will come to a jam with an idea, and put it to the rest of us, and we expand on the idea and change it if we need to. We just keep playing it over and over until we find something that clicks. Other times, such as with this single, we simply sit in a room and someone will start to play something, and the others just join in.

Can you tell us about your new single, Not My Fault?

Not My Fault is a fun groovy track about being a bit of a bad luck magnet. The lyrical content of the song is not meant to be taken super seriously at all, with the track aiming to be fun and catchy, and something to make people move.

Any tour dates coming up?

At this stage, there are no dates set in stone. However, there are early talks of us hitting the road later this year or early next year, so keep an eye out for us!

What does the rest of 2019 have in store for you?

We are planning out our next release at the moment and are aiming to provide the best music that we have. Hopefully, we will have it done by the end of the year!

Where can we find more of your music?

All of our songs are available on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud etc. So, go over and have a listen, and feel free to hit us up and let us know what you think!


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