Some feelings I felt while watching Violent Soho live in Sydney

Some feelings I felt while watching Violent Soho live in Sydney

This tour is possibly Brisbane's finest hour in recent Australian music history.

Header photo by Kane Hibbard via Violent Soho's FB - check out his INSTAGRAM.

Covered In Chrome has just gone gold and Violent Soho have wrapped their biggest Australian tour to date. So are they Australia's biggest rock band right now? Our man in Sydney seems fairly certain it's time to think that. 

With a lineup of acts this strong, it's fair to say Brisbane is the Aussie rock capital

This is a line-up often brought up over beers; it's the kind of thing one mate would say to other and everyone would go, "That's fucking sick", but everyone would know deep down it's just a pipe dream. Well up until earlier this year when Violent Soho decided to reunite with their old house party mates and take this tour all over Australia. And it's fair to say that the state of Queensland that is home to Peter 'Potato' Dutton, Clive 'Dinosaur' Palmer, Bob 'There Are No Gay People In North Queensland' Katter definitely has one thing to be very bloody proud about; the state of their rock scene. And while Gooch Palms were the Newcastle-based odd one's out, they opened up proceedings in fine style.

Really this lineup could of only been topped if Smith Street Band showed up...

Oh wait they did. Well in the form of frontman Will Wagner covering the first half In The Aisle before rocking out with the rest of the band (see photo above).

People who attend Violent Soho shows are the best

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I posted this on Friday morning with a splitting headache but wearing my glasses and feeling immensely proud they hadn't been destroyed. In retrospect it was a mixture of luck but also sheer kindness by a group of people that my glasses even made it through a mosh 20-30 metres wide. But it needs to be said that people who go out of their way to help others at concerts speaks volumes about the people Violent Soho cultivate.

The mosh for Covered In Chrome was peak Violent Soho

Sydney crowds are notoriously stone-faced and with Violent Soho not really reaching out to the audience and chatting with them it seemed they may not get the whole venue moving - which kinda looked the case until they brought out Covered In Chrome. Over half the crowd lost their fucking minds and melded into one giant mosh pit in the front half of the crowd. It was a mix of overt violence and ecstasy that created this moment. In one way it's terrifying how violent people are but in another way it's humanising to see two grown people smash into each other, one of them fall over, and then five complete strangers rush in to pick them up.

Violent Soho are ready for the title of Australia's biggest rock band right now

Sure their set wasn't perfect and they could work on their interaction with the crowd (we'll put that one to down to tour fatigue - again look at that lineup and wonder if you could survive three weeks on the road with that ragtag bunch of misfits), but in the most important element; epic songs, they're absolutely loaded. And who else has the music and loyal fandom in Australia to challenge them?

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